May Odds & Ends

Jul 10, 2015

May was a month filled with lots of little things...

Tulips were readily available every time I went to the grocery store, so I made sure I always had some on my counter top. And what a handsome little man hiding behind them!

The first Thursday of May was a half day for Sunshine, so I picked her and her two best friends up from school and we headed to Paradise for some lunch. So much fun hanging out with these cute girls!

My rugs that I had spent hours and hours researching and picking out arrived and they couldn't be more perfect for our house. Feeling like such a grown up these days... nice floors, real wool rugs. Now I just need couches that aren't decades old and previously owned!

I had a fantastic Mother's Day. Bruce was working first thing in the morning, but the girls woke me up nice and early with a present they had chosen and wrapped and breakfast in bed... They begged me to make egg casserole the night before and the reason why was apparent Sunday morning. For breakfast they served me leftover egg casserole and a pickle spear! Love those girls so much. 

The girls had new black and white print skirts to wear to church on Sunday, so I matched them in one of my favourite maternity dresses. Bruce saw what we all put on and made him and Man Cub match us as well! I loved it! And for dinner, my most favourite meal ever- stuffed chicken and pasta with a to-die-for strawberry ice cream cake for dessert. 

Bruce and his dad finished installing the wood. I LOVE the way the wood looks in the kitchen, up against my beautiful white cabinets. I plan to do a big then and now post of house photos sometime in the near future, but couldn't resist putting up this comparison now. The before picture is super fuzzy... it's the realtor's listing photo of the kitchen, but you get the idea. Our kitchen has come a long way since then and I am absolutely in love with it. 

No judging here- I am terrible at taking photos of myself, but towards the middle of May, I was a hair model for a hair painting class. I got $150 worth of highlights absolutely free as well as an awesome blow out/style. I am pretty much sold on hair painting. It's been 2 months since I had it done and because of the way the bleach is applied, it is growing out in a very natural way. Like I spent a week at the beach and the sun lightened my hair, but now it is growing in natural again. Even after 8 weeks, I don't feel a need to go get it touched up. Maybe after the baby arrives... 

A random and rare good snapshot of Bruce and I together. 

One of my cute preschoolers wanted a photo with me after our Mother's Day program. I miss hanging out with my preschool kiddos!

Sunshine is excited to now be attending Activity Days at church. They had a raingutter regatta daddy-daughter activity and she and Bruce got second place. This is the boat they put together. 

I painted more pegs and thought this set turned out particularly awesome. 

We attended the birthday party of Sunshine's one of Sunshine's best friends... it was a spa party and it was super fun. So much yummy food and hanging out with our favourite people. Like Man Cub's best friend Papa Blas!

The last week of school Sunshine was uniform free. She loved the different dress up days they had that week. This was sports day.

Man Cub started swim lessons, which he hated with a passion. Don't let his face fool you. He'd been screaming just moments before but I convinced him to make silly faces so I could take pictures of him. It cheered him up until his next turn came around. Luckily, he did eventually decide he liked swim and he learned a ton. Too much perhaps... he's a little overconfident around water for my liking these days!

Man Cub enjoying his favourite snack.. Apples and peanut butter. One day, at swim, I told him he could have a treat after swim if he'd cooperate for his teacher. The treat he asked for- a green apple! With peanut butter of course. This boy loves peanut butter so much. He would eat a PB&J for every meal if I let him. 

Twin day at school... we just happen to have triplets. Love these cute girls!! Sunshine is so blessed to have such wonderful friends.

We celebrated our last day of preschool with water day. One of my preschool parents offered up their inflatable water slide and it was a HUGE hit. I want one of these so bad now! Super easy set up and take down and the kiddos had a blast with it. I'm in the market... just haven't found a good deal on one yet.

Celebrated a decent day at swim lessons (ie- not pure hysteria) with an ice cream cone. I couldn't believe how grown up my Man Cub looked sitting in his seat enjoying his cone. And I have a feeling that once this new baby arrives, he'll seem more grown up than ever. Hard to believe he won't be my baby much longer. 

Sunshine's last day of school was neon day. And she insisted I curl her hair, like I did on her first day of Kindergarten. It turned out super cute! After I picked her up from school, we headed to Dairy Queen for some celebratory Blizzards. Another awesome school year finished. And now I'm on the verge of having a third grader! And another Kindergartener!!! 

Our ward celebrated the final day of school with a giant slip and slide. In the past, I've enjoyed going down it with all my primary kiddos. This year, my baby bump made that a not so viable option. I tried to convince my best church friend (who also happens to be the new Primary President) that she needed to go down it, since all the cool Primary Presidents do. She did not take me up on my challenge. 

Man Cub learned to play Bingo and it is his new favourite game. I love hearing him tell me whether or not he has each character as it is called out. He can actually play the game all by himself. Just another example of how grown up he is getting.

My PC started to die, so I took the plunge and switched to Mac. For things like browsing the Internet and blogging, it's been great. The massive screen is... well, massive. And wonderful. I was so excited to edit photos on this monster, but have found the new Photoshop to be extremely difficult. Even though my old computer is seriously not doing well, I still have to use it from time to time to edit photos. I've got to figure out this new version of Photoshop but every time I open it up, I just want to cry.

The kiddos and I took a Sunday drive over to the temple and it happened to be a beautifully cloudy day. The grounds were locked up, but I walked up to the gate and stuck my phone through to snap a picture. I still can't believe what a great shot I got. With my phone! I might need to print this beauty up and hang it in the girls room.

We started crossing things off our summer bucket list as soon as Sunshine got home from her last day of school. One item was to make a recipe from her Princess cookbook. Sunshine chose a pasta salad recipe and it turned out amazing. So yummy. We are excited to try even more recipes in the future.

Another item we crossed off our list- BBQ with friends. Since I knew a 4th of July BBQ was going to be out of the question, I invited Sunshine's two best friends and their families to join us for Memorial Day. Our next door neighbours and Bruce's dad also came. We had quite the food spread! We were still borrowing the inflatable waterslide, so the kiddos all enjoyed that. Man Cub's favourite part was playing Legos with his friend Zane. He asks all the time if Zane can come play with him... unfortunately, I'm not sure if playing Legos with a 2 year old ranks highly on a 14 year old's list of things to do on a daily basis. But I really appreciate Zane's patience and enthusiasm for playing with Man Cub during the BBQ. 

As a celebration of the completion of a great school year, Bruce and I surprised the girls with a night at the theatre. We have a small theatre nearby that does dinner and a show and they happened to have Disney's The Little Mermaid playing the week after the girls finished up school. The girls had no idea what we were doing until a few minutes before we left for the show and boy were they surprised. The  show was fantastic and the food was really tasty as well. It was such a fun night and we are really excited to keep tabs on the theatre and see what else comes along that we might be able to attend.

Our garden continued to thrive in May and one day I was able to eat an entire lunch of garden veggies with dip. It was amazing. I'm really sad that we are no longer getting anything from our garden. Nothing beats a homegrown tomato, warm from the sun. Just ask John Denver. He has an entire song about it.

Beebs has been spending a lot of time drawing lately and her practice is paying off. I am still just blown away by her drawing of Snow White. Both of the girls seem to have inherited Bruce's talent for drawing. I'm anxious to see if Man Cub gets it as well.

The girls had a joint sleepover at Grandpa's house on day, so Man Cub and I had a night to ourselves. We stopped by Target to grab a few things and found this little bitty container of Ben and Jerry's. Man Cub was so excited to take home his own little ice cream. And the cashier was really sweet and gave it to him in his own little bag even. It's the little things that make this boy grin!

Man Cub spent one morning building me a castle.

And last but not least, my little guy being a big helper. Doing laundry is his favourite job. He loves to throw the clothes in, one piece at a time. It takes awhile but boy does it make him happy to do it! And I'm not going to argue. I'll take all the help I can get.

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