Pancakes & Pajamas | A Fourth Birthday Celebration

Jan 24, 2014

Beebs had a lot of ideas when it came to planning her fourth birthday party. Originally, she wanted a mermaid-princess-dolphin-jaguar party. I wasn't exactly sure how to pull that off, so we finally settled on a "Pancakes and Pajamas" theme. Beebs loves pancakes, and with the exception of a good fluffy tutu, pajamas are her favourite thing to wear. I thought it would be a simple theme that the kiddos would have fun with. And I was right!

The Invitations

Now that I've figured out how to "draw" in Photoshop, I go a little crazy designing things. But look at those bunny slippers! I love how the invite turned out, and we ended up using pieces of it for the invite to our Primary "Meet the Teacher" pajama party.

The Menu

We kept the menu simple... a pancake bar, Gogurts and Capri Suns. I had a variety of toppings for the pancake bar- butter, maple syrup, a strawberry fruit topping, sliced bananas, mini chocolate chips, sprinkles and whipped cream. I am pretty sure we could have offered just sprinkles and all the kiddos would have gone home happy! But the adults in attendance had fun turning their little silver dollar pancakes into works of art with the various toppings.

The Decorations

I didn't go very fancy with the decorations- just some streamers and balloons. None of it even fell in line with the theme. But it was colourful and fun and Beebs loved it.

The Cake

We actually decided to ditch cake for this party and went with donuts instead. Beebs LOVES donuts. In fact, one of our favourite traditions is a Friday morning "donut date" after we drop Sunshine off at school. The morning of Beebs' birthday, she and I got up early and went to our local grocery store that makes some killer donuts and picked up three dozen in all our favourite flavours. When it came time to blow out the candles, Beebs picked a strawberry iced long john as her piece of "cake".

Birthday Girl Attire

Beebs wore pjs! She picked some pink "feet jammies" from her pajama drawer and she looked so cute in them.

The Guests

This was the first year that Beebs had a definite opinion about who was invited to her party. She wanted all of her preschool friends to come as well as a handful of friends from church and a few of Sunshine's friends that she just adores. Almost everyone who was invited was able to attend, and we all wore pajamas.

The Activities

I had originally planned a few activities to keep the kiddos occupied, but when it came down to it, they were all perfectly content to eat, watch Beebs open her presents and run around outside. It was the most beautiful January day imaginable, so I just let them run and play. I did have a table with colouring supplies on it, and two options of "decorate your own pajamas" colouring pages. A few of the little ones coloured, but most were much happier running around and playing.

The Party Favours

For the party favours, Beebs helped me write a little thank you note for each person on the wrapper of a Rice Krispy treat, and we packaged that together with a sleep mask from the Target dollar spot. It made for a cute party favour, and several parents have reported to me that their children insist on sleeping in the masks almost every night. Ü


After Beebs' birthday party, the girls and I got our hair trimmed and arrived back home just in time for Bruce Wayne to wake up. We then celebrated the birthday girl as a family with presents and Papa Murphy's pizza and cookie dough for dinner. Beebs requested a Nothing Bundt Cake as her birthday cake and by the time the day came to a close, we were all experiencing a bit of a sugar high.

It was a wonderful birthday for our sweet Beeba. She really did seem to enjoy every moment of her special day. And just 7 days later, we continued the celebration when we surprised the girls with a trip to Disneyland in honour of Beebs turning four. But that deserves it's own post.

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