Happy 4th Birthday Beebs!

Jan 3, 2014

Happy Birthday Sweet Beebs!

Four years old today! It has been 1461 days since you arrived on this earth. 1461days since that traumatic afternoon, when by all rights, we could have lost you. But you were strong then, and you are strong now. You've been a fighter since day 1.

You are one of the strongest and most stubborn little girls I know. Sometimes it can be maddening, especially when all I want you to do is go to bed or buckle your seat belt. It is not uncommon for you to fight me tooth and nail when I ask you to do something, but as frustrating as it can be in the moment, I will forever be grateful for your strong and stubborn personality. Without it, I'm not sure you would have survived the circumstances surrounding your birth, and life without you would be pretty dull!

You keep us hopping, sweet girl! You are so full of life and personality. You have such an active imagination and such a strong determination to do things your own way. This is especially evident in your unique sense of style. I love letting you dress yourself each day. You  have a way of putting together outfits that should in no way, shape or form work, but then you strike a pose and it all comes together. Your confidence is inspiring and I have no doubt that you can do great things.

The older you get, the more you are becoming sure of yourself. In the past year, we've noticed what could be perceived as a bossy streak in you. We are trying hard to teach you not to push others away by always needing to be in control, while still allowing this trait to shine. You have the makings of a great leader. I can't wait to see where your strengths take you.

You still love your "Darbies" and Little People. You can spend hours playing Polly Pockets and Legos, by yourself or with a friend. You love being social, but crave your space and alone time. You need it. It is not good for you to go too long without some quiet moments to yourself. You love to goof around and laugh and play, but you can also put on one of the most serious faces around. And when you do, it is darn near impossible to get you to crack a smile. But when you do smile, it lights up the room. You have the ability to command the crowd. You have a lot of power for such a pint sized princess.

We love you so very much, and are so grateful that you are a part of our family. You keep life fun and interesting and we cannot wait to see what this next year of life brings for you.

Happy fourth birthday baby girl!

Love always, Mom & Dad

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