Odds & Ends: The First Half of January

Oct 30, 2016

Man, I would sure love to be caught up on blogging by the end of this year. What are the chances!? (Slim to none, I know! But I'll try!) Let's finish up the first half of January first and then we will just see what happens!

In January we enjoyed some post-bath Yoda baby.

At church, Man Cub moved from Nursery to Sunbeams.

The boys played some dinosaurs and Man Cub started a gymnastics class with the same teacher that both the girls have gone to.

Shark Bait reached the oh-so exciting milestone of being able to sit up in the shopping cart. I feel like running errands is so much less hassle when babes can finally sit up in the cart. But after sitting up all through Sprouts, Shark Bait crashed and ended up sleeping through Costco. Luckily, those carts are big enough that he could stretch out in the front and sleep, while Man Cub sat in the back. 

Some rainy days made for awesome running weather. 

The boys enjoyed being able to sit at the counter together. Shark Bait enjoyed some real food (mandarin oranges) while Man Cub downed some chocolate milk. Notice Man Cub rubbing Shark Bait's ears? Man Cub went through a phase where to comfort himself, he would tug on his own ears or the ears of anyone sitting nearby. He seems to have stopped this habit for the most part, but every so often I'll catch him rubbing ears when he's really tired or really upset. 

Dad made Man Cub the coolest toy- a battle spear like the one Reptilius Maximus uses in Toy Story That Time Forgot. 

We did some Tim Tam Slams for Family Night. Always a fun treat. 

Man Cub enjoyed some tubby time with his dinos and zoo animals.

I tried to get into a good habit of exercising, with Shark Bait as my audience. He laughed at me every time I did a lateral step up. Can't really blame him... I hate those things and I'm sure I look ridiculous doing them!

Bruce had another celebrity sighting at work... He worked an Eric Church concert and got to chat with Eric for a few moments and take a picture. 

When Shark Bait wasn't sleeping, he worked on perfecting the art of sitting up. 

And to wrap up the first half of January, we enjoyed a picnic at the park with cousin Asa. 

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