Happy 5th Birthday Beebs!

Jan 3, 2015

Happy, happy birthday Sweet Beebs!

Five today... you have been anticipating this birthday for quite some time now. Five is such an exciting age. Five means Kindergarten, and for awhile, you thought that as soon as you turned five, your preschool days were over. You've since figured out just how things work, and now you are feeling a bit apprehensive about leaving Mom to go to school, but at the same time you are so excited to be a big girl and you think you might even want to go all day, so you can stay at school for lunch!

You are just as social as ever, asking each and every day if you can have a friend over to play. Your best friend is Christian, a little boy from church and preschool. You adore him and the he adores you. You love playing together and both have very active imaginations. The two of you come up with some very elaborate games of pretend and can play together for hours on end.

You are doing excellent in preschool this year- you know all your letters and love to practice writing them. You also love practicing your scissor skills. Luckily, only with paper at this point! Hopefully it stays that way! You love to do projects and create. You also love books and are starting to show signs of wanting to read. Sometimes Sunshine will help you sound out words in some of her early reader books and you think it is the greatest thing in the world to show us how you can read. It won't be long before you are reading everything you can get your hands on.

This past year you have really blossomed and matured so very much. You are definitely not our baby anymore, and some days you don't even seem like a little girl! But when it comes down to it, you still love your toys and snuggles with your mama. I hope those two qualities stick around for a long time to come.

As you've grown over the past year, you've also become much more cautious. You use to be so fearless, willing to try anything. These days, you are a little more hesitant and sometimes it takes some coaxing to get you to try new things. But with a little help, and mom or dad by your side, you are willing to take on almost anything. We are so proud of you for being so brave! 

You are a great big sister, always watching out for Man Cub. The two of you sure know how to push each others buttons, but when it boils down to it, you love each other fiercely. You really look up to Sunshine and while you take your role as little sister seriously and enjoy pestering her at times, she is also one of your favourite people in the world and you count down the hours until she is home from school to play with you.

You are such a wonderful part of our family. We absolutely cannot imagine life without you. You keep us all laughing and love to goof around with Daddy. You and Dad have had a special connection since the day you were born, and though you insist you like Mommy snuggles the best, Daddy is still your number one guy.

We love you so much sweet Beebs. We are so grateful you are ours! Enjoy this year of being five. You have been looking forward to it for so long. We hope it is every bit as magical as you have been dreaming!

Love Always,
Mommy & Daddy 

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