Merry Christmas 2013

Dec 24, 2013

A very merry Christmas, from my crew to yours!

Life Lately

Dec 17, 2013

It is definitely December!! I cannot believe it has been almost an entire month since I last had a moment to sit and write. We have crammed a LOT into the past four weeks, and things don't look like they will be slowing down anytime soon. From hosting visitors to planning and executing parties {plural}, from end of the year church calling necessities to our regular day-to-day responsibilities, we are running around like crazy people right now.

I have plenty to catch up on around here {Not that this is anything new!}, but for the moment, I wanted to jot down a few tidbits about life lately...

* Bruce still doesn't have an assigned squad. We have no idea what his schedule will be over Christmas week so we have plans in place for both options... if he has Christmas morning free, we'll stick to our regular Christmas traditions- brunch, presents, a pot roast dinner. If he doesn't have Christmas morning free, my father in law and I are taking the kiddos to the zoo to help the morning pass, then we'll meet Bruce at home for presents and Christmas dinner once he is off work. Either way, Christmas is going to be spectacular. I can't wait to find out which itinerary we will be following.

* Since I last blogged, Sunshine has learned to tie her shoes and ride a two wheeler. Not only did she finally get the hang of riding her bike, she has gotten so good at it that she occasionally rides along side Bruce when he goes for a run.

* Beebs is just two and a half weeks away from her fourth birthday and officially being a Sunbeam in church.

* Man Cub chipped his front tooth. It was devastating for me. He didn't even cry. In fact, we have no idea how he did it.  I still am not completely use to his new smile, but it is growing on me. At least I don't get teary eyed looking at his poor tooth.

 * On November 16th we celebrated 3 years of living in our dream home. I love this house even more today than the day we bought it. To celebrate our third house-iversary, we finally settled on paint colours and last weekend Bruce and his dad gave the outside of our house a facelift. It looks amazing! And then we were informed that due to an HOA website error, the colour we painted it is in fact NOT an approved colour. We shall see if we can convince the HOA board to let us keep it. Cause it looks awesome.

* Sunshine is all caught up in the spirit of Christmas. She has one thing in particular that she wants for Christmas, but her true focus has been what she can give. She even told me yesterday that she is not really that excited about getting stuff, because there isn't much she can think of that she wants, but she cannot wait to give everyone the gifts she has picked for them.

* Beebs loves to sing Christmas songs- Jingle Bells and Rudolph are her favourites. This year she is actually willing to visit with Santa and tell him what she wants {the Lego dolphin boat, swimming pool and high school sets, but mostly the dolphin boat, in case you were wondering}. At our ward Christmas party she met Mrs Claus as well as Santa. It was very exciting for her.

* Man Cub has been learning signs and it is so fun to watch him communicate with us. He will regularly sign "thank you", "nurse" {milk}, "all done" and "more". For quite some time I was working on teaching him "please", which involves moving one hand over the chest in a circular motion. After trying to get him to mimic me on several occasions, one day, he finally did it. He picked up his hand and moved it in a circular motion... right over my chest. I about died laughing. He cracks me up!

* Sunshine recently started attending speech at school to help with her lateral lisp. Bruce and I were so concerned that she would feel like there is something "wrong" or that she would be picked on, but we had no reason to fear. Sunshine LOVES speech and is up well before her alarm on days when she knows she has speech. 

* As usual, I have stretched myself a little thin this holiday season. Hence the lack of blogging. Luckily, teaching preschool this school year has really helped me with time management, and for the most part, I feel like I am handling my overloaded schedule well. There have been days when I feel overwhelmed to the max, but there have also been many, many tender mercies that have allowed me to not only accomplish all that is already on my plate, but also have the time and ability to do more when needed. I am truly grateful for all I have been able to participate in lately, especially for the amount of time I've been able to spend at Sunshine's school in the past month.

I think that is a pretty good overview of what has been going on here. Hopefully soon I'll be able to sit down and share pictures from Disneyland back in October, a sweet story from Thanksgiving and some odds and ends from December.
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