A Weekend In Utah

Jul 8, 2015

The weekend after Easter, we all headed up to Utah for my baby sister's wedding. I have photos from the actually wedding that I'll share later, so for now I'll focus on the other weekend happenings.

First- we flew Allegiant which was terrifying for me after the hassle of flying with them for Beebs' birthday weekend. Luckily, it was a much better experience this time around. We made it up to Utah safe and sound and ready to have some fun. 

We flew in bright and early Thursday morning and before we even headed to my parents house, we stopped by our favourite little locally owned grocery store with the yummiest donuts ever. I pretty much lived on their Oreo donuts the entire time we were in Utah. We took the donuts back to my parents house and chowed down, then relaxed for a little bit before getting on with the day's activities. 

First on our agenda was to head up to Bridal Veil Falls where we met up with my best friend KJ's older sister and her family. Their Spring Break Utah trip happened to overlap with our trip by a day and we couldn't pass up the opportunity to finally meet in person after having heard about each other for years. We let the kiddos run around on the mountain paths and climb part of the falls. They also had fun feeding and watching the fish in a stocked pond... until Beebs leaned over the edge a little too far and fell in. It was hard not to laugh... poor, sweet girl! We pulled her wet clothes off of her and she wore Bruce's jacket. We were suppose to head up to Salt Lake where we were going to meet up with my family to walk around Temple Square and have dinner at Red Iguana, our absolute favourite Mexican restaurant. Luckily, I was able to catch my mum before she left Provo and she brought Beebs' some dry clothes to put on. 

After meeting up, we spent some time at Temple Square. This was my first time being at Temple Square in the spring in so many years... Quite possibly since I lived in Utah myself, ten years ago. I was in heaven with all the tulips (my favourite flower!) and daffodils and other beautiful spring flowers. The grounds were breathtakingly beautiful and I couldn't stop snapping pictures of all the pretty flowers. We were sad to find that the Church History Museum was closed for renovations, as we were hoping to stop by there as well, but we had a great time just walking around the temple and finally getting to touch the walls of the Salt Lake temple. Despite having been to the grounds on many occasions, this was the first time since starting our "Touch the Temple" family project that we were able to get up to the temple and touch it's walls. 

Friday was the day before the wedding so there was plenty to be done. Including spoiling the bride a little bit. I treated Tressie to a pedicure for her special day, while Bruce took the kiddos out to lunch. Once we were finished, he picked us up and we all headed to the Draper Temple which was just a few miles away. I'd never seen the Draper temple and oh my, is it beautiful! We enjoyed walking around it's beautiful grounds, rolling down it's giant hill and having a chance to touch it's walls as well. I love that we are almost always able to add a new temple to our list when we visit Utah. 

Back at my parents house, we helped with wedding prep like working on the cake and making sure everything was ready to go for decorating the ballroom the next day. Then Bruce, the kiddos and I went out to The Chocolate with my mum and sister for some cazookies and ice cream. While Bruce and I were waiting in line to order, the couple behind us was obviously on an early relationship date. Their conversation was so funny to listen to- 

Him: Do you like milk with dessert? Are you a milk drinker? 
Her: Ummmm, I'm not much of a milk drinker. I just don't think about getting it. I like it when I drink it. I don't know why I don't! What about you? Do you like milk?
Him: I love it! I have to have it!

We later noticed they hadn't ordered a milk to go with their cazookie, so Bruce decided something had to be done. He ordered a glass of milk and two straws to be delivered anonymously to their table. Not sure how anonymously it ended up being done since we were all cracking up and trying not to stare at the couple as their milk was delivered. 

Saturday was wedding day. It was a really long and exhausting day. Weddings are always exhausting for me to photograph, but especially so when pregnant and also in charge of helping to set up and clean up. But the wedding itself was beautiful and I'll have to share some images from it in a separate post sometime. I still can't believe my baby sister is married, but we love her new husband and he fits so well into our family. My kiddos adore him and we are excited to watch them grow together as husband and wife. 

The only downside of the wedding day is that Bruce and Beebs both got sick. Sunshine had been sick earlier in the week but recovered just in time for our trip. Well, whatever she had caught up with us in Utah and Beebs actually threw up at the wedding. In the bathroom thank goodness, but during the wedding festivities. I urged Bruce to get her home and I would stay and help with clean up. He was reluctant, but I could tell he wasn't feeling great either and by the time I got back home, he and Beebs were both bedridden. So crummy to be sick while traveling, but luckily, they both felt better in time to travel home.

The major upside of the wedding day was Sunshine and my stop at Hokulia shave ice. It is my favourite shave ice place and we frequent it often when we are in Utah each summer. I had been so sad to think that I was going to miss out on Hokulia this year since our annual Utah road trip is a no go due to being pregnant. But it just so happened that Hokulia opened up for it's first day of business for the year on Tressie's wedding day, and I got to enjoy a shave ice. It was amazing. I don't know why there aren't shave ice stands on every corner here in Phoenix. 

Sunday we had a family brunch and watched Matt & Tressie open their wedding gifts. We also stopped by Sugarhouse Park where the kiddos all fed the ducks. We relaxed at my parents house and just enjoyed our last full day with my family. 

Monday morning we had one last batch of Day's Donuts and got ourselves ready to head home. Noodles and Co for lunch then it was time to head to the airport. I look back and I am still blown away by how much we managed to cram into our short time in Utah. It almost made up for the lack of Utah road trip this summer. We did almost all of our favourite Utah activities, plus got to see Tressie get married. Even with Bruce and Beebs getting sick, we had a good little Utah trip and sufficiently wore ourselves out with all the fun. 

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