A Fishing Trip and a Visit From Nana

Jul 10, 2015

By the time Sunshine had finished her two week stay with my parents up in Utah, I was past the point of being able to travel far from home. This meant we had to figure out other arrangements to get Sunshine back. Originally, my mum and one of her close friends planned to drive down here for a girlie road trip and deliver Sunshine to us. At the last minute, the friend cancelled, leaving my mum to make the trip by herself. I was really nervous about her driving all that way alone, but in the end, I'm kind of glad she did! It was so much fun to have a week with my mum and not having to share her with anyone but my children. 

Since I knew I would have someone around to help with the wee ones and be with me on the very off chance that I went into labour (hahaha), I encouraged Bruce to take a long weekend and go fishing with his dad. They had tried to plan a fishing trip for earlier in the month but with all our house projects, it just didn't happen. So, while my mum drove down from Utah, Bruce and his dad headed north to Page to go fishing.

Bruce and his dad had fun on their fishing trip. They didn't catch as much as usual, but it's catch and release so maybe that doesn't matter? It's not like they were working to get dinner!! I'm glad that Bruce had the chance to run away for a few days before the craziness of having a new baby in the house sets in. 

Before she arrived, my mum told me to make a list of things I wanted to get done while she was here. Unfortunately, nothing on my list ended up being very exciting, but we had a super productive week and I am so beyond grateful for all her help. By the time she left, I felt almost ready for Little L's arrival! 

While my mum was here, we went through all the boxes and bags and tubs of children's clothes that I had been storing in my garage and condensed them greatly, donating 8 stuffed full garbage bags to DI and organizing the rest into the fewest amount of tubs possible. We ran some errands, hung curtains in my living room, cleaned house and painted two rooms! We completely painted my bathroom, taking it from the nasty beige that our whole house was painted when we moved in, to a beautiful light blue-green. It looks amazing and I am so grateful for her help in crossing that major task off my to do list. We also put the white coat on the walls of Man Cub's room so it would be ready for Bruce to paint stripes. 

My mum spoiled me by bringing me two of my most favourite donuts in the whole entire world- Oreo donuts from Days. They were amazing and made for one happy pregnant belly. 

We then returned the favour by taking Nana to our favourite donut shops.

And, because she loves me so so much, my mum spent a good amount of time while here knitting baby things for me. Because really, is there anything cuter than a newborn babe in hand knit goodies? So far I have two hats (a boy and girl version), a gender neutral white sweater and sweet little booties for the baby to wear home from the hospital. Still in progress is a beautiful blanket with a wave pattern to it that the baby will be wrapped in when s/he is blessed. I love having such a talented mum! Too bad it's a talent that did not make it's way to me. I've tried and tried and knitting is just not for me.

It was really hard letting my mum leave at the end of the week. I tried my hardest to convince her to just stay until the baby arrives. But apparently everyone at home missed her, so I had to share. She did lengthen her trip by one day, thus driving home on my dad's birthday/Father's Day. I feel slightly bad that she missed most of that day with him, but only just slightly. I'm feeling a little selfish these days and I really enjoyed her company and help during the week she was here. Something about being in the last weeks of pregnancy makes me really want my mama around, so I was very grateful for the time we had together.

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