June Odds & Ends

Jul 10, 2015

June was another month where nothing huge happened, but lots of little things did.

There were water fights and popsicles (Beebs was at a play date during this one)

We had a very mini version of our annual Utah road trip. Since I was unable to travel that far for an extended period of time, we made arrangements for Sunshine to go stay with my parents for two weeks. We met them in St. George to "deliver" her. 860.9 miles in one day, over the course of 13 hours. And, in between drives there and back, Bruce and I did sealings in the St George temple. So fun to add another temple to the list of those we've visited together. And the cassette tape shown in the above picture- Bruce and I listened to two full books on cassette during the drive. We felt so old school, but it was so much fun.

While Sunshine was away, Beebs got to have a day with Grandpa. He took her to the zoo and she was so excited to wear this new shirt that has become her favourite. 

While Beebs went to the zoo, Man Cub and I hit the grocery store for a Starbucks blended lemonade and donuts... two of our favourite treats. 

I helped host a baby shower for my awesome friend Dani. This is her first baby, a little boy, and it was so fun to organize the shower with the help of two other people. It meant so much less stress for me. I hope the same was true for each of them!! I was in charge of invites, party favours, a few decorations and a French toast casserole. The favours turned out so cute. I've definitely found my go-to favour for any showers I throw from here on out.

I worked up the courage to cut Beebs hair and I think I did a somewhat decent job! She loves it and has gotten lots of compliments on it. I just hope no one looks too terribly close. It's definitely not perfect but yay for saving a few dollars!

Bruce ripped the floors out of our laundry room and two bathrooms so he and his dad could lay tile. It only took them about 2.5 days to get the new floors and baseboards installed and it looks amazing. So much cleaner than the linoleum stick on tiles that were in there before. I love having new floors throughout most of the house!

Man Cub and Beebs each got new goggles since we have done so much swimming this summer. They were both having problems with the chlorine hurting their eyes really badly, so we fixed the problem. I think Man Cub in goggles is just about the cutest thing I've ever seen. And I'm still blown away by the fact that he'll actually keep them on! Though, every so often he'll tell me he doesn't want his goggles, he just wants to "use his eyes". 

More water fights

I painted lots of pegs to finish up all the orders from my flash sale before starting my maternity leave, including my first boy baptism peg. I love how each of these sets turned out. 

We finished up Man Cub's swim lessons with grins and excitement for the last week of lessons. So glad he decided he enjoyed them! And he learned so much from them, including how to dive for rings, which he now loves to do.

Man Cub wore himself out to the point of not even being able to finish his favourite Costco treat.

Man Cub and Beebs were playing in the little pool one evening when this conversation occurred-
Man Cub: Cannonball over me!
Beebs: OK!
Me: This cannot end well! (Then I grabbed my phone to get a picture and happened to snap the perfect shot)

Such little dare devils!

Beebs asked me to curl her hair before church one Sunday. I was scared her hair would be too short to look good in spiral curls but it turned out so cute. 

Sunshine came home!! She had a blast in Utah and wishes she had stayed longer!

Man Cub fell asleep in my bed while I was out one evening. This pretty much never happens so I had to document it. 

And then, since I had sleepy head pictures of Sunshine and Man Cub, I decided I just had to snap one of Beebs too. Love me some sleepy babies. They just look so sweet!

Beebs had a birthday party to attend and wanted to give her friend a Frozen peg set. The catch- she wanted to paint the Olaf. I agreed and she used one of mine as a guide. I think her Olaf turned out darn cute! I hope her friend loves it as much as I do. 

After almost 3 years, we finally got Man Cub's room painted. I've had this room planned forever and the finished product is just as amazing as I imagined in my head. Bruce did a fantastic job on the stripes. This is by far one of my most favourite rooms in the house these days. And Man Cub loves it. He tells me his room is "pretty" and "painted" now. He even thanks Heavenly Father for his painted room when he prays at night. Sweetest thing ever.

Beebs was able to take a one day gymnastics class from her favourite gymnastics teacher. She had so much fun. I wish Miss Katie taught full time still. Beebs really misses her class. 

Beebs and her best friend Christian played as much as possible before Christian headed out of town for three weeks. On this particular day, they were excited to play Wii together and I just love their facial expressions as they concentrate on their cow racing. 

I lived on Ben and Jerry's Tonight Dough ice cream. I'm working hard at having a nine pounder by finishing off a pint of this yumminess every other day or so!

My amazing friend Amy stopped by one evening with a big batch of her amazing salad with a side of Sonic lime cream slush. She is so good to me. It really hit the spot.

I did my last Zumba class of this pregnancy just shy of my 40 week mark. I felt like I shuffled through the whole class so I've called it quits. Though maybe I need to go tomorrow and see if I can Zumba this baby out!

We switched bedroom furniture around and somehow Man Cub decided that it was finally time to move out of his pack and play and into a big boy bed. I cannot believe how easily he goes to bed. I really thought, with how attached he was to his pack and play, that the transition was going to be rough. And honestly, he's always been my best sleeper so I was in no rush to mess with things. But, he kind of just did it on his own and it's been fantastic. Except, it's just another reminder of the fact that he is no longer my baby and that makes my heart hurt just a little bit.

The girls were with Grandpa one day so Bruce and I took the Man Cub out for lunch with us. The two of them played cars while we waited for our food. Cutest thing ever. I sure love the handsome men in my life.

We attended several swim meets that Sunshine competed in. The first picture is from her first meet after almost 6 weeks of not being at practice. Yikes! But she still came out with a second place ribbon in the 25 yard free. Then two weeks later she got a second place in backstroke, cutting a full second and a half off her time from the previous week! She's such a little fish. I love watching her swim. And Man Cub thinks swim meets are pretty fun too. I always pack lots of snacks and he gets to play with a squirt bottle to help keep himself cool. I love the spiky hair that results from him soaking himself with the bottle.

And that wraps up June! With the exception of Bruce's fishing trip and a week long visit from my mum, which I will document in a post of their own!

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