April Odds & Ends

Jul 8, 2015

In April...

Beebs had fun being creative while we hung out at Sunshine's swim team practices. She fashioned Barbie clothes out of baby wipes and various outdoor items. 

We had an Easter egg hunt in preschool

I canned tons of chicken with my friend Amanda. Chicken was on sale for an excellent price and I was anxious to can enough chicken to get me through the summer, since canning really heats up the house. I think I ended with 40 jars of chicken once all was said and done.

Our garden thrived.

A sweet friend (who isn't even a member of our church!) brought me this cute gift as she knew I was struggling with having been released as Primary President

Beebs enjoyed a yummy strawberry from her strawberry patch

I took up swimming as a form of exercise for the first time since high school! Sunshine's coach was kind enough to let me use one of the extra lanes during her practice so the two of us got to swim "together".

I had my glucose test for gestational diabetes and my midwife was on board with me doing the jelly bean version rather than the nasty glucose drink version. Hooray! Jelly beans are much yummier than that nasty drink. 

Man Cub slept and looked so sweet and peaceful. I had to take a picture!

And during nap time one day, he fell asleep next to his door with his little hand sticking out from underneath.

My British babies love soft boiled eggs with toast soldiers. Too bad their British mummy only gets the yolks right about half the time :P

Man Cub, the {we think!} lefty learned to cut

My first lesson as a nursery teacher was on the temple and I gave each of the kiddos in my class one of these laminated pictures of the Phoenix Temple. We played eye spy and found different parts of the temple (the windows, the trees, the water fountain). The lesson must have been a hit, at least with Man Cub. He loves his temple picture and loves to play eye spy with it. 

We got our batch of spring chickens... and when they were only about a month old, they were killed by a stray cat. We've since started over with a new batch. 

I taught the girls how to clean their bathroom. I love not having to be responsible for their bathroom anymore... for the most part. 

Bruce Wayne ripped up our living room carpet and began the task of redoing 75% of the floors in our house. Wood throughout the living, family, dining and preschool rooms, the kitchen and the hall. Tile in the bathrooms and laundry room.

The kiddos and I spent a day at the zoo to celebrate one of Sunshine's best friend's birthdays. We haven't been to the zoo in a long time and we had so much fun. Man Cub especially. Pretty sure the last time we went to the zoo, he was far too young to remember it! I am so impressed with Beebs who at the last minute worked up the courage to ride the camel. And she loved it.

We got home from the zoo to find this... beautiful wood floors and gorgeous tall baseboards. I cannot wait to do a before and after post of our house these days. It feels like we live in a completely new house with all the changes we've been making. 

I ordered coming home outfits for the baby.

We went on two preschool field trips... one to my friend Amanda's mom's house, otherwise known as "the farm", and one to the police station where Sgt Bruce gave us a tour and showed us all the fun "toys" that police officers get to use to help keep us safe.

Sunshine had field day at school and we got to watch her participate in lots of fun activities. The tug of war was particularly exciting, especially when her class won!

And we ended our busy and exciting month of April with two big helpers pulling out the carpet in the preschool room so Bruce and his dad could continue their big flooring project. We got a lot accomplished in April, and had a lot of fun as well. Now- on to May!

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