Easter 2015

Jul 5, 2015

I love all holidays, but I think that Easter is truly my favourite, especially in the years since my mother in law passed away. I love the reminder of new life and the sacrifice of our Saviour, making it possible for each of us to over come death and eventually be reunited.

Easter this year was just as wonderful as ever. We attended the Mesa Temple Easter pageant for Sunshine's birthday, then the week leading up to Easter we had our nightly devotionals to help us prepare spiritually for what we would be celebrating come Easter Sunday. Since Easter Sunday was the same day as General Conference this year, I actually got to teach an Easter lesson in Primary for my final Sharing Time as Primary President. It was a wonderful and hard opportunity all at once. I loved getting to teach about my favourite gospel topic, but it was super difficult to say goodbye to all my sweet Primary kiddos. 

Easter Sunday we enjoyed a relaxing day at home, listening to General Conference. It was wonderful. I love General Conference so, so much! And being able to watch it at home and then re listen to all the talks afterwards!? What a blessing to live in this day and age. 

In between sessions, I made everyone put on their Easter clothes so we could snap a quick picture. This is the first year that the girls have not been able to have matching clothes since Sunshine is in the big girl section and Beebs still needs to shop from the little girls section. That was a hard realization for me... my girls (one girl in particular!) are growing up so fast!! We did manage to find cute Easter dresses for the girls that at least looked good together and then by some miracle Target had a cute little set for Man Cub. Easter clothes for him are always so difficult!

After Conference was all over, Bruce's family joined us for Easter dinner. I did my family's traditional lamb roast with Yorkshire pudding. Bruce's brother brought a ham and everyone contributed a few sides and desserts. It was quite the spread and so so yummy. I love Easter dinner. 

After dinner the kiddos hunted for eggs and then my girls insisted that we do our activity from Sharing Time the week before. I had (finally! After years of planning to) put together 12 eggs, each with a symbol of Easter inside. We went through the eggs, opening each one and talking about what the symbol represented and reading scriptures that went along with that egg. It was a great way to end our Easter Sunday.

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