A Pre-Baby Getaway

Jul 10, 2015

At the end of May, Bruce and I were able to take a little overnight getaway thanks to our amazing friends Blas and Barb. They offered to take our wee ones for a night before the baby's arrival so we could have a night away. We tried to take a childless vacation this time last year, but ended up being asked to be trek parents, which nixed our plans. Sure we were without OUR children, but trek meant caring for 8 other children of the teenage variety, so this was the first time Bruce and I have been truly alone together since Sunshine was born. It was strange but oh-so nice! 

We went up to Prescott for a night. We got there in the late afternoon and checked into our hotel room before heading to the historic area of Prescott to wander around. We tried checking out some of the little stores but most were closed, which we found a little surprising. There were a couple of shops that we wandered through and one had my favourite potato chips from our trip to Hawaii. $6 a bag, but Bruce bought them for me and I rationed those things out and made them last! So, so tasty. 

We then headed to our favourite Prescott restaurant for dinner. It's one of those places that we go to so rarely that we always wonder if we've built it up in our heads to be better than it actually is. Luckily, dinner did not disappoint. Especially the raspberry chipotle boneless wings. I love those things so much!

Once we finished eating, we walked around Lynx lake for a bit and watched the sunset over the water. It was absolutely beautiful. And on our drive back to the hotel, we almost hit a deer! So glad the deer (and our car!) walked away unharmed. It was fun to enjoy a little bit of the great outdoors since we knew we'd be heading back to 110+ degree temps the next afternoon. 

Back at the hotel, we ate dessert (Culver's Concretes... so yummy!) and lounged around. We watched a movie completely uninterrupted and went to bed early. We slept through the night without little ones crawling into our beds... it was all so bizarre! And the next morning, we ate breakfast then went back to our room and took a nap! I wish I could say I finally caught up on sleep, but after 8 years of motherhood, is there even a chance of that ever happening!?

After waking up from our nap, it was time to check out of our hotel. We once again headed to the historic downtown district to wander some of the little antique stores. We didn't come across anything we just had to have, but it was fun to look. I didn't last as long as I had hoped with our wandering... The altitude started to get to me and I was swelling and uncomfortable. We decided to get some lunch then head back to the valley a little earlier than planned. We had lunch at The Lone Spur Cafe, which is owned by the family of a little boy that Sunshine went to preschool with. The food was yummy and the newly remodeled cafe was fun to eat at.

The drive home was uneventful, though I really did not enjoy watching the temperature on our car's thermometer climbing as we made our way back into the valley. Luckily, the closer we got to home, the less swollen I became.

The wee ones were happy to see us, though Man Cub started to cry for Papa Blas as we drove back to our house. I love that we have such wonderful friends who care for our children as if they were their own. We are so grateful to Blas and Barb for taking on our mangy crew for a night and giving us a chance to get away before Little L joins our family. Though, now I'm thinking I might need more nights away, just Bruce and me!

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