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Jul 4, 2015

Thursday was my due date, and surprise surprise, it has come and gone without a sign of baby arriving. I knew this would happen, and to be completely honest, Thursday wasn't a difficult day at all. In the past, my due date has always been hard, but not this time around! Yesterday wasn't hard either... sure I am a little cranky by mid afternoon most days, but wouldn't you be cranky if you could hardly move and it was 110 degrees and humid? Today is proving to be the most difficult day so far... mainly because I really, really wanted a 4th of July baby and there is not even one small sign of this baby coming any time soon. I think once I get through today, I'll be ok because if the baby doesn't come today, I'd really prefer s/he stays inside until KJ arrives on the 12th.

Yesterday, two of my awesome friends took me out for a day of pampering in lieu of a baby shower. It was the perfect way to celebrate this baby, and to spend my first official day of being "overdue". We started the morning with Starbucks, then got pedicures followed by lunch and some shopping. It was such a fun day and now I have cute toes, all ready for when I go into labour.

Weight Gain: Weight gain is staying steady, right around the 35 pound mark. Really, there is just no room left inside of me. I eat one real meal a day and then just snack for the most part. I can't fit in anymore food!

Cravings: Still ice cream! I blame the heat. And the deliciousness that is Ben & Jerry's The Tonight Dough.

Third Trimester Symptoms: Heartburn is still plaguing me from time to time. Luckily, it's not constant, but when it comes it's pretty bad. Other than that, just a complete and utter lack of motivation to do anything. And I'm feeling kind of anti social. Not looking forward to church tomorrow, but luckily, being in Nursery means I don't really see anyone. It's a true blessing at this point in my pregnancy.

Medical Stuff: Nada. Nothing to report. Even the cramping and Braxton Hicks I'd experienced up until the 40 week mark have ceased completely. If this is like my other pregnancies, it'll be crickets until delivery day arrives.

Something I'm Excited About: How about a few things I'm excited about? Gotta really focus on the positives right now! KJ arrives a week from tomorrow!! I cannot wait for her to get here. Once she is here, it's full bore "get baby out" mode.

Also, I've finished up a lot of little projects lately so I finally feel like I am actually ready for this baby to arrive. I made personalized baby hats a few nights ago, and finished stitching custom baby gowns. I still have some fabric to whip up some blankets, but if that doesn't happen, it's not the worst thing in the world. It feels good to be getting stuff done... but I am running out of things to do. I'm starting to feel like all I have left to do is sit and wait and that's not a good combination. I know I need to stay busy in order to not go crazy, but that is easier said than done.

And! The baby seems to have dropped. Not enough to cause any pressure or contractions. Not enough to get rid of my occasional heartburn. But dropping is progress and at this point, I'll take anything I can get. Anything at all.

39 weeks 5 days (Tuesday) verses 40 weeks 1 day (Friday) 

Something I'm Not Excited About: Not having a 4th of July baby. :( I love 4th of July, and hello! Best birthday ever. Fireworks every year! I knew when I took the pregnancy test that I was likely to have a July 14/15th baby. But it didn't stop a small part of me from really hoping that I could have a baby born on my dream birthday.

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