Supermoon Lunar Eclipse

Sep 27, 2015

Tonight was a Supermoon Full Lunar Eclipse. The space camp nerd in me was pretty excited! Three things happened all at once, creating an incredible show in the sky, which for us occurred from about 7:11-8:23 this evening.

First, tonight was a full moon and the moon was at the closest possible point to the earth in its orbit. This causes the moon to appear bigger and brighter than normal. Typically there are 4-6 supermoons a year, so while cool, they are definitely not anything overly extraordinary. What made tonight so special is the addition of a full lunar eclipse. The sun, earth and moon lined up perfectly, causing the earth to block the sun's rays, thus casting its shadow onto the moon. It made for an eery reddish orange moon, often called a blood moon.

A friend from church who happens to be a scientist invited us over and see the supermoon lunar eclipse. She got out her telescope, made some moon and star shaped sugar cookies and we had a little party in the driveway, all while taking turns viewing the moon. It was so much fun! We decided to try taking a photo of the moon through her telescope. With a steady hand and his cell phone, Bruce captured the image above. Perhaps not the most magnificent supermoon lunar eclipse photo I have seen, but we are pretty darn impressed with it!

I am so glad my kiddos got to see such an amazing sight. It really was beautiful to watch.

And in other news- Shark Bait learned how to roll over. Despite my best efforts to thwart his attempts at growing up, he figured it out. He rolled back to tummy several times over this evening and I managed to catch half of one roll on video.

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