First Day of School | 2015

Sep 22, 2015

After a long, hot summer, school started again on August 10th. And this year, we sent two little girls off for their first day of school. Sunshine started third grade and Beebs is in Kindergarten. Shouldn't sending little ones off to Kindergarten get easier with each child? It definitely wasn't any easier this time around. Maybe because Beebs never left home for preschool. I've been her preschool teacher for the past two years, so this really was my first time sending her off on her own. Luckily, she has Sunshine there to watch out for her, along with all of Sunshine's friends. From what I gather, Beebs is a popular little girl with a lot of third graders who wave to her in the halls and want to give her hugs each time they see her. 

This year I didn't get quite as good a picture to add to the collage, but I love this glimpse of just how much Sunshine has grown and changed since starting school three years ago. Where did our baby girl go!?

Someone else started school this year... With the arrival of Shark Bait, I decided not to teach full fledge, three day a week preschool and instead started a one morning a week toddler class for children Man Cub's age. They come for two hours on Wednesdays and we are beginning to learn the basics of being in a classroom setting. We are three weeks in and it is still a little chaotic, but Man Cub and his friends love coming to school each week. Man Cub knows the names of everyone in the class and he waits anxiously for them to arrive each Wednesday. 

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