Happy 3rd Birthday, Man Cub!

Sep 25, 2015

Sweet Man Cub,

Another year has passed and now you are three. The last year has been an interesting one, full of changes. You not only became a big brother, but your partner in crime started school, leaving you to your own devices during the day. It has been an adjustment, but you've handled it all like a champ. You miss your sisters while they are gone at school, but you are also enjoying the freedom to roam the house and play with their toys, uninterrupted. You are so sweet with your baby brother. You love him a lot... maybe too much sometimes! You don't quite understand that he is too little to rough house the way you and Daddy love to do. But don't you worry- it won't be too long before Shark Bait is in the thick of it all and I have a feeling many wrestling matches will ensue once he is grown.

You are all boy, through and through. You love all things that go- planes, trains, helicopters and cars. You also love to run and play and get dirty. You hate anything related to hygiene. Sure, tubby time is fun, as long as you are just enjoying the bubbles and playing with toys. The minute the soap comes out, the fun is over. And don't even get me started on attempting to wash or cut your hair. And trimming your nails? You would be perfectly content to run around covered in an inch of dirt if we let you. (And some days, we do!)

You think you want to be potty trained, but haven't quite figured out the whole under-roos thing. I am sure it will come in time. We are in no rush, but you are certainly beginning to like the idea of being a big boy. In fact, when we redid your room and put up a big boy bed for you, you put yourself to bed in it one night and never looked back. The pack and play went away and so did my baby Man Cub. You seem more and more grown up with each passing day.

You love to lead Family Home Evening and you ask regularly to go visit the temple so you can touch it. I hope your love of the temple continues into adulthood. You are always eager to pray in Nursery, but sometimes at home you put up a fight. You definitely like to keep us on our toes!

In March we took a family trip to Hawaii and you fell in love. For the first time ever, you have a comfort item that you love to have near you- a little stuffed turtle you got at the Sea Life Park. You call him Turtle and your favourite thing to do is chew on him as you fall asleep at night. You ask for him as we tuck you in to bed and you often search for him to make sure he is safe and sound when you wake up in the mornings. You've never been attached to anything in the past and we think your love for Turtle is about the cutest thing ever.

This is the first year you really get what birthdays are all about. For months, you have been telling us all the grand things you'd love to do for your birthday- go to Hawaii, ride the train and Mater's tractors at Disneyland, eat pizza at Costco, go out for hamburgers. Your list went on and on. We finally settled on a trip to the zoo with your best friend Zachary, dinner at In-N-Out Burger and tomorrow we are surprising you with a little gathering of your closest friends and family members. And there will be pizza. Hopefully the surprise aspect doesn't alarm you. It was your sisters idea!

We have so enjoyed watching you grow and learn and experience new things over this past year. Two is always my favourite age, but three is a close second. We cannot wait to see what this coming year brings. Guess what chicken butt... we love you. More than words can say.

Enjoy being three, little man!
Love always,
Mommy & Daddy

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  1. Happy Birthday Man Cub! I have loved watching you grow (mostly from afar but sometimes in person!) and turn into the fun little man that you are today. You are so much fun and your smile and laugh are the best. Hope you felt loved on your special day!


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