A Visit From Uncle T

Sep 17, 2015

When Shark Bait was 12 days old, Uncle T came for a visit. I had been sending all of my family an insane amount of Shark Bait photos since his arrival and T decided he just couldn't wait until September to come meet his newest nephew. He called me on July 19th and asked if he could come visit and the next day he had his tickets purchased. 

The beginning of T's visit started out a little rough. His plane came in rather late on Saturday the 25th, so he decided to rent a car rather than have Bruce or I go pick him up. By the time he arrived at our house it was after midnight. Bruce and I had gone to bed (parents of a newborn- we could hardly keep our eyes open past 10pm!) I had turned on the ringer of my phone and told T to just call when he arrived. Well, around 2am, I woke up to nurse the baby and I panicked when I realized how late it was. I checked my phone and I had missed numerous calls from T as well as several texts. Come to find out, though I had turned my ringer on, my children had turned down the volume, so my phone was completely silent. Had I left it on vibrate, I would likely have heard that... but no. T ended up going to a nearby hotel for the night, thus starting his visit out on quite an expensive note. Postpartum hormones had me an emotional wreck over it. I was about in tears every time I thought about missing his calls. 

By 10am Sunday morning, T has made it to our house and he just shrugged off the inconvenience of having to go get a hotel room. He said the biscuits and gravy breakfast was worth it. He had to work every day that he was here, but we still managed to have tons of fun. T is my brother who love, love, loves games- specifically strategy games. He brought several with him knowing that Bruce was off work, so we spent every evening learning and enjoying new games. He introduced us to Machi Koro, Sushi Go and Splendor while here in July, and a few other new ones when he came back for Shark Bait's blessing a few weeks ago. 

While T was here, he hardly put Shark Bait down. The two of them just adore each other. Shark Bait slept blissfully in T's arms and T did everything from work to playing games to eating all while snuggling Shark Bait. 

The Monday that Uncle T was here, we had a big unofficial ward activity to mark the end of summer- the giant slip and slide. T came with us and snuggled Shark Bait while the girls enjoyed going down the slip and slide and Man Cub ran around in the grass. 

The Saturday before T left, we decided to take the wee ones out to do something fun. Since it was hotter than sin outside, we opted for indoors and air conditioned. We headed to Cabela's where we got to see the fish being fed- super fun. The kiddos also tried out camping cot bunk beds which they thought were awesome, tried out the shooting range and of course, looked at all the big stuffed animals.  After Cabela's, T treated us all to some Cold Stone ice cream, then we let the kiddos run through the nearby splash pad for a few minutes before we headed home.

It was so much fun having Uncle T come to visit. I always enjoy the chance to spend time with T and my wee ones just adore him. I love that he and Shark Bait already have such a special connection and I hope it continues as Shark Bait grows.

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