Shark Bait | Two Months

Sep 16, 2015

It happened again. Shark Bait went and turned one month older on Sunday. He is such a calm, sweet little baby. He sleeps a lot still, but when he is awake he just smiles and coos. It is still very rare to hear him cry, so when he does cry, my heart about breaks. He is no longer a curled up little ball of a newborn. He loves to stretch out, kick his legs and wave his arms around. He doesn't quite realize that he controls his limbs yet, but he loves to move them around.

Shark Bait's second month of life was an exciting one. He went on his first, second, third and fourth plane rides, all the way from Phoenix, Arizona to Hilo, Hawaii where he was lulled to sleep each night by the sounds of mynah birds, coqui frogs and rain showers. He also met a lot of extended family when aunts, uncles, grandparents and cousins came to visit for his blessing over Labour Day weekend. Despite the busy month and all the changes to his schedule with each big event, Shark Bait continues to be the happiest little guy I know.

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