The End of Summer

Sep 20, 2015

Our summer seemed to end pretty quickly after Shark Bait arrived. We had spent so long waiting for him, and then suddenly it was time to send the girls off to school. But we had a lot of fun in those final days. We tried to cram in every last minute of fun that we could!

For Bruce's birthday, we took the kiddos over to "Big Red's House" for a Cardinals open practice. We started with lunch at Buffalo Wild Wings. Yum! Then at the practice we met the cheerleaders and Big Red (though Man Cub wouldn't go near Big Red as Big Red was kind of rowdy and kept banging on the nearby table. Scared Man Cub half to death. But he liked the cheerleaders) Sunshine participated in an obstacle course which she loved. Then we enjoyed some snacks in the stands while Bruce explained the intricacies of football to the wee ones. It was a really fun day. A great way to celebrate Bruce's birthday and a good way to beat the record breaking heat that had the whole valley under heat advisory warnings.

Shark Bait spent the last days of summer vacation doing what he does best... sleeping. He's so cute when he sleeps, I can't help but take a million pictures of him napping. 

The girls had back to school night a few nights before school started. Beebs was definitely nervous, but thought it was exciting to see her new classroom and find her seat and name tag. Sunshine was ecstatic to be reunited with her two best friends as they were in different classes for 2nd grade. 

We decided to spend our last Saturday of summer doing our favourite summer activity- swimming with Bruce's family. His brother and grandma both live in the same housing development which has an awesome community pool. The wee ones love to go to "Gigi's pool" and swim with their cousin. We spent an hour or so swimming (while Shark Bait sat with Gigi in the air conditioning at her house) Then we all gathered back at Gigi's house for pizza. As always, it was such a blast. Summers here are rough... they are often very hot and can be very miserable, but swimming at Gigi's always makes them more bearable. And next year, Shark Bait will be old enough to join in the fun. 

School started on a Monday this year, so Sunday night we had our annual "Back to School" family night. Bruce gave each of the wee ones and me a blessing to help us be prepared for the school year. We also gave each of the kiddos a little back to school gift. Beebs and Sunshine each got new hand sanitizers for their lunch boxes and Beebs also got a little Shopkins set (which she jumped around, screaming in excitement over for a good five minutes before she could manage to calm down and open it). Sunshine got a new water bottle to take to swim practice and Man Cub got a new car. They all loved their little gifts and their special blessings from dad. Then, just like that, summer was officially over and it was time to get back to homework and schedules and the busyness of life. 

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