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Sep 21, 2015

I always planned on being one of those moms who religiously filled out baby books. I bought special books for each of my first three children and had great intentions of filling out each milestone as soon as it occurred. I was... less than successful in my efforts. Really, Man Cub is the only one with any sort of baby book so far, and that is because I took his monthly photos and combined them all into a photo book. I am working on a similar book for Shark Bait, but I also have another little fun project in the works for him as well.

Instead of an actual baby book, I bought Shark Bait a set of Milestone Cards. They are beautifully illustrated cards to help document each of those important milestones, whether it's turning one month older or getting his first tooth. I just grab the appropriate card, place it beside him and snap a picture. I decided not to stress myself out by feeling the need to get my big camera out and find the perfect lighting. Instead, I just lay Shark Bait on my bed, turn on the overhead light and snap a picture with my phone. So far, the photos have turned out super cute! It is fun to see how much he is growing and changing, and here soon, I'll be able to use this method to document some fun things like rolling over and sitting up. Hopefully not too soon though. I'm not ready for him to be that big just yet!

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