Shark Bait | Six Months Old

Jan 14, 2016

Yesterday was a bit of an emotional day for me... my baby boy turned six months old. One half year. It's gone far too fast. Luckily, it was a really busy day so I didn't have much time to dwell on how sad I am that he is growing up so fast. Part of the busyness of our day was attending Shark Bait's 6 month well visit. His growth has slowed a bit- he dropped from the 33rd percentile for weight to the 18th. The doctor isn't overly concerned, but hopefully we can get his weight back up a little before his 9 month visit. 

In other news, Shark Bait is still the happiest baby I know. On Tuesday he took two cat naps all day- he slept for 10 minutes in my arms Tuesday morning and about 15 minutes in the afternoon when we picked up the girls from school. Despite his lack of sleep, he was still the happiest, most smiley boy I've ever met. He has gotten so chatty lately which is lots of fun and we are slowly starting baby led weaning. He had his first bites of mandarin oranges last week and he is a fan. 

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