P52 | Week 1: Simplicity

Jan 10, 2016

Several years ago I participated in a lifestyle photography Project 52. Each week, a theme was presented and the photographers involved would capture and share an image from their life that they felt represented the given theme. It was a lot of fun, but about 10 weeks into the project life got a little hectic and I couldn't keep up. Turns out, around week 30, the photographer running the whole thing got caught up in the chaos of life as well and the entire project fell apart. 

As I was thinking about things I wanted to focus on for this new year, one thought that came to mind is that I really wanted to get back to taking pictures for me. I use to be so good at using my "big camera" to record snapshots of our lives. And then, I would even blog them! Cue gasp. I've obviously been really bad at this lately and I'm ready to make it a priority again. I love looking through old blog posts and remembering the little moments that have since slipped my mind. And the kiddos love looking at old posts too. They love seeing when they were younger and hearing funny stories about themselves. It's time to give our family blog new life! And part of that will be starting (and finishing!) my own Project 52. I gathered a list of words I liked, randomized them and they are now my themes for the upcoming year. My plan is to post the week's photo each Sunday evening, with the exception of a few weekends that we will be out of town. 

This week's theme was Simplicity. I found it a little bit comical that this was the theme that popped up first on my random list as it is a word that has been on my mind a lot lately. Life seems anything but simple these days- adjusting to having two kiddos in school has been a challenge. Two different teachers with two different teaching styles, two sets of homework, two social lives, getting two children to cooperate and get out the door each morning. It's been fun... and anything but simple. Then there is Bruce's job. He has been given so many amazing opportunities at work lately, to test for different positions and help with different committees. All wonderful things, but it makes his schedule anything but simple. And of course we can't forget my many endeavors- photography, painting pegs, teaching preschool... but then there is this little guy. The owner of these sweet baby toes. He is a good reminder of the importance of simplicity, of slowing down and savoring the moments and not letting them rush by. I swear, I spent the first six weeks of his life sitting on the couch, not daring to put him down. I knew that the moment I set him down, I would blink and he'd be all grown up. And it's kind of happening! He'll be six months old this week and he thinks he is such a big boy! Where has the time gone? 

I am far from perfect when it comes to balancing life and cutting out the unnecessary clutter, but my little Shark Bait is helping me to get better. The first 10 days of 2016 have been good ones as I have tried to focus on the simple things that matter the most- getting down on the floor and playing with my kiddos, dance parties in the kitchen when I should be making dinner or emptying the dishwasher, tubby time two times a day because Man Cub can't get enough of playing in the bathtub, extra snuggles with Shark Bait or reading the girls a story even though it is way past bedtime. I've made a commitment to myself to not take on extra projects or become involved in things that will pull me away from my home and family. I know this will be hard for me as I hate saying no and I like to stay busy, but I know that this is for the best. My family will be blessed and I will be as well.

So there you have it- a monologue about simplicity that is anything but simple! Just know that I am trying and that these sweet baby toes currently serve as my reminder to make life as uncomplicated as I can and to relish in the most simple pleasures that each day offers. 

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