August Odds & Ends

Jan 22, 2016

August was a busy month for us. Between Bruce's birthday, our 10th anniversary, the girls starting school and my trip to Hawaii, there wasn't much time for anything else. Yet I have an entire post's worth of odds and ends photos... most of which are just Shark Bait sleeping. I literally have 6 weeks worth of sleepy photos as I took a picture of him at bedtime each night to send to my mum, from the time he was born until she finally got to come meeting him when he was six weeks old.  So prepare yourself for a sleepy photo overload Ü 

See, told you! Lots of sleepy photos. And those are just my favourites. I have many, many more sleepy photos that didn't even make the cut. 

Don't worry... I also took pictures of him awake. 

And in his new baby carrier...

As you can tell, Shark Bait is very unloved and neglected. Ü

Man Cub started telling me he didn't need naps anymore... obviously that is not true. He couldn't even finish his cookie before falling asleep in the car. I sure do love this sweet boy. 

I did a few product shots for a friend's soap business and I have to say- photographing inanimate objects can be kind of fun! It is most definitely easier than chasing toddlers or trying to coax real smiles out of teenagers! 

We had a really great rainy day towards the end of the month. The kiddos made the most of it and convinced Bruce to run around the backyard with them until they were all soaked through. Normally, I would join them in the puddle jumping fun, but with a six week old baby to care for, I decided I was better off hanging out on the porch and snapping some pictures. 

As August came to a close, my sister in law invited us to go to the zoo with her and my nephew, Ace. It was a warm, beautiful day. The wee ones loved the chance to hang out with their cousin and see their favourite animals. Beebs and Ace are only 9 months apart and they are such great friends. Ace recently told his mom that "Beebs said we are cousins, but we're not cousins. We are best friends." I hope they stay close forever! 

August was busy, but it was such a great month. Now, on to September! 

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