P52 | Week 3: Perspective

Jan 24, 2016

Confession- this week's theme was really hard for me! I think I was trying to make it harder than it needed to be, but at one point, I considered cheating and coming up with a new theme. It's my project, right? I can do whatever I want to do! Ü Then, Shark Bait learned how to sit up without support and I thought to myself, wow, he has a whole new perspective of the world now! Wait... perspective!? Perfect! 

Shark Bait seems to really be loving this new take on life. He will happily sit and play for extended periods of time, usually until he gets tired and falls over. Then he happily plays on the floor. I just can't believe that a week ago he could barely sit with assistance and now he can not only sit without support but can bend his head back and stare up at me without falling over. This is pretty much how life goes these days. Every time I turn around, he is doing something new to impress me. 

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