Happy 6th Birthday Beebs!

Jan 3, 2016

Happy 6th birthday Sweet Beebs!!

Your 6th year has been an exciting one! So much has happened and you have grown up so much. In March, we went to Hawaii where you desperately wanted to swim with dolphins and learn to snorkel. You were so nervous about both things, but you didn't let your nerves stop you. You took a deep breath, held tight to mom or dad's hand and tried something new. And it was amazing. I love watching you become more adventurous. 

You are in Kindergarten now and loving every minute of it. Today is the final day of Christmas break and you have mentioned many times that you are so excited to go back to school tomorrow and see your teacher and your friends. It makes me happy that you are loving school so much, especially as you were a little nervous about going to Kindergarten. But you have a great teacher and wonderful friends and you love learning. You already know how to read so many words and you love to count and add and subtract. You really are blossoming in Kindergarten.

You are also blossoming at home. You are a big helper to mom, especially when it comes to taking care of Shark Bait. You were in the hospital room when he was born and the two of you instantly developed a special bond. You are so good at comforting him when he is upset and helping to keep him happy while I do things like make dinner or help Man Cub. Shark Bait absolutely adores you and you adore him.

You and Man Cub continue to be a dynamic duo. You play together so well, but know just how to rile each other. You are an excellent big sister to both your little brothers. 

As always, you love to play and have such an active imagination. While you still enjoy your Little People and Barbies, American Girl dolls have become your new love. It is strange and bittersweet to watch you transition to "big girl toys". For so many years, your Little People and "darbies" have been your world! You have spent hours and hours concocting elaborate adventures for your little toys. Now, you spend hours and hours dressing your doll Kit and playing house and church with her. And when you are not playing with Kit, I can almost always find you drawing, making some kind of craft or playing with your sticker books. Sunshine is usually your playmate of choice, but you also enjoy having a few of your friends from church come over to play. You are very much a social butterfly and you are well liked by all who know you. 

You have a really sweet testimony of the gospel and an incredible faith in the power of prayer. Just a few weeks ago we were at the park and you wanted so desperately to climb up a scary part of the play structure. Daddy was going to help you climb but you decided  you did not want to do it and ran off to play. A few minutes later you came back, told us you were going to climb it and you did it. No hesitation at all. When you got to the top you shouted hooray then turned and told us that you had said a prayer to help you not be scared and it worked. You weren't scared and you did it. My heart about burst as you told us. You say such amazing prayers and I know without a doubt that Heavenly Father is listening and answering you.

You are such a special little girl and such a blessing in our family. You are a little clown and love to make us all laugh. You make a point to ask us about our favourite part of the day each night at dinner, and more often than not, when it is your turn to share, your favourite part of the day included spending time with all of us. You make us feel so loved. 

Enjoy being six baby girl! May it be your most amazing year yet! We love you so much.

Love always, 
Mommy and Daddy 

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