P52 | Week 2: Evening

Jan 17, 2016

This week's P52 theme is Evening. In our home, evening is synonymous with the word chaos, but I really did not want to photograph my messy kitchen counter as I attempt to get dinner prepared while helping two little girls with homework. Or Man Cub's attempt to pull out every toy and movie possible while I am busy in the kitchen. Evenings are difficult. I am beyond excited to have my girls home and have the entire family together for a few precious hours, but honestly, those precious hours are taken over by homework and nightly reading that must be done for school and I feel like our precious family time is stolen from us. 

But Thursday night, as I was stressed over getting dinner on the table and making sure everyone's homework was finished and in their backpacks, ready to be turned in the following day, I walked into the living room and found this. Beebs was doing a reading program on the iPad to get her required 20 minutes of reading and she had taken Shark Bait with her. They were snuggling on the couch and she was telling him all about the book she was reading and showing him the pictures. It was the sweetest thing and it warmed my heart. 

I still find it frustrating that I can't spend our after school hours relaxing with my wee ones, but I am glad they have each other. Scenes like this one make chaotic evenings a little bit easier to get through. 

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