P52 | Week 4: Survival

Jan 31, 2016

So this week, the theme is Silhouette Survival. It was suppose to be Silhouette and I was really excited to experiment with silhouettes since they are not something I photograph normally, and Arizona is known for some pretty spectacular sunsets. But things got a little crazy this week, and by crazy, I mean we were all bedridden with the flu. And not what I always thought was the flu- you know, 24-48  hours, throw up a few times, drink cherry 7 up and feel better soon. Nope, this was the actual Influenza. Coughing, sore throat, raging headache, achy body, fever, chills, unable to get out of bed for days Influenza. It rocked our world. I started to feel a little under the weather last Thursday but was still functioning. By Sunday, I was in bed and not moving, with Sunshine by my side. Over the course of the week it hit everyone, though I seemed to take it the hardest. 

So instead of silhouettes, this week I am focusing on survival. In order to survive, I could not even think about taking photos. The one time I did feel up to getting out my camera, I snapped two photos. As I was stressing on Friday, thinking about how I still hadn't gotten a picture for my project and how I was a failure only three weeks in, I decided to do what I'd been doing all week- just survive. I'd use one of the two photos I had taken and it would perfectly represent our life this past week, which really is the entire point of this project anyway.

This past week, we took lots of naps. We took lots of bubble baths. We drank lots of orange juice and wiped lots of noses. There was lots of cuddling, lots of movie watching and we survived. And slowly, but surely, we are starting to feel better. High fives for everyone. We made it through Influenza 2016!

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