Pictures for the Prophet

Apr 22, 2015

As I mentioned in my post about the completion of the Phoenix Temple, when Bruce left to work the Cultural Celebration, the girls (and Man Cub!) sent him off with pictures they had drawn for the prophet. Bruce was able to deliver them to a secretary who assured him they would make it to President Monson. The girls are still so excited that they were able to draw pictures for the prophet.

Before they sealed their drawings up in envelopes, I snapped a picture of each drawing so we could "save" them. Here are Beeb's pictures. I love the hodge podge writing that says President Monson's name! Her other picture was of her, so he'd know what she looks like.

Man Cub wanted in on the picture drawing action so he added a few scribbles to a piece of paper. 

Sunshine drew President Monson a picture of the Phoenix temple and wrote him a sweet note. She is absolutely right- she and her brother and sister do indeed love our temple!

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