A Very Merry American Girl Doll Christmas

Apr 23, 2015

The end of November and beginning of December brought about some projects for Bruce and I. It has become a bit of a tradition for us to give the wee ones something homemade for Christmas each year and this year, we decided on American Girl doll beds for the girls. Beebs was asking Santa for a Kit Kittredge doll, Sunshine had gotten Josephina for Christmas the year before and we had some doll clothes to give each of them. It seemed like beds would be the perfect addition to their American Girl doll themed Christmas. 

We found some awesome plans for farmhouse style doll beds on Ana White's website and went to work. Bruce did a great job putting the beds together and painting them. On occasion I acted as a clamp, holding the pieces together while he assembled, and tackled the sewing portion. I was so excited to find the perfect fabrics for each bed at Joanns... patchwork for Kit (I figured that in the Depression years, it would have been common to have bedding made from scraps of old fabric) and a beautiful wool southwestern print fabric for Josephina's bed. I absolutely love how the beds came together and now I'm dreaming of bigger projects- like a farmhouse bed for us. Maybe bunk beds for the girls room. The possibilities are endless. Ü But it will be awhile before any of those dreams  become reality. We have a few other big house projects to tackle first.

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