Odds & Ends | September

Apr 19, 2015

Next up- the September odds & ends.

Man Cub and his turtle Moo at bedtime one night. I love Man Cub's cheesy grin!

September began our time as a club swim family. After a fun summer of swimming, Sunshine wasn't ready to be done, so we signed her up at a local swim club and she has loved it. Right now she swims two afternoons a week, for an hour at a time, and she still loves it.

I love that Sunshine's school is one with uniforms, but it is lots of fun when they have "special days" at school that allow the students to jazz up their uniforms a bit. This was crazy sock day. 

Pirate Man Cub. I just love that he was actually willing to put on an eye patch and earring. And keep them on long enough for me to get a picture! 

How we found Beebs asleep one night... in the hallway, outside of her bedroom. Funny girl! 

My father in law went to Maui in September for a wedding and he brought back souvenirs. I don't know how, but he managed to smuggle back a pineapple for me. I was so happy! It was the tastiest pineapple I'd had to that point and I enjoyed every bite of it! 

The kiddos each got a Hawaiian outfit. The girls love their dresses. Man Cub does not love putting on his Hawaiian outfit, but once we get it on him, it's adorable! But he has never been willing to pose for a picture in it. Just trust me that it is cute. It is a black shirt and shorts set with ukeleles and pineapples on it. 

One of our chickens was a rooster and a really annoying one at that. We woke up one morning to him crowing and decided we just couldn't do it anymore. Bruce decided to reach true farmer status by butchering the roo. This is just before our poor frizzle met his fate. The girls knew what Bruce was doing and alternated between wanting to hide inside the house, far away from where Bruce was working, and wanting to be out there watching it all. I love that they have such a great understanding of where their food comes from and that they aren't repulsed by it. That right there is one of the big reasons I wanted to raise chickens and have a garden. 

And we wrapped up September by completing a big project from our home improvement list. While the kiddos and I were in Utah for the summer, Bruce and his dad painted all our cabinets white, but it wasn't until September that we finally ripped out the counter tops and had new ones installed. Demo day was an exciting one, but not nearly as exciting as installation day. Not only did we have beautiful new counter tops installed, I was also able to have my island counter top custom shaped. Instead of being straight across, it has a gorgeous arch and I love the little extra flair it gives to our kitchen area. We also installed a new extra large sink and a faucet that doesn't leak. Hooray! There are still plenty of other projects on our list... like eventually putting in a back splash, but having the new counter tops in has totally changed the look and feel of our kitchen and we are absolutely in love.

Man Cub gave our new sink a test run and the verdict- it is PERFECT for baby and toddler tubby time. Ü

And that finishes off September. Maybe I do have a chance at getting caught up Ü

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