Hello PegLegs

Apr 23, 2015

After making the American Girl doll beds for Sunshine and Beebs, I felt like I was running out of time to make something homemade for Man Cub. I came across an Instagram store selling handpainted peg toys and thought maybe I could just buy him something handmade by someone else Ü I participated in a flash sale held by the store and things didn't work out as planned. Despite being the first person to claim the item I wanted, it was given to someone else and I was pretty darn ticked. (Hello pregnancy hormones!) Right then and there, at like 10 at night, I decided I would just buy my own wooden pegs and paint Man Cub a set on my own.

I had a few other kiddos left to buy Christmas gifts for, so I ordered enough pegs to make them each a peg or two as well. The first time I sat down to paint I just stared at my supplies for at least a half hour, terrified because I had no idea how to get started and I was so scared I would mess up. Slowly but surely, I got the hang of what I was doing and by the time Christmas rolled around, I had painted over 25 peg dolls and was getting pretty darn good at it. Not only did I find that I was decent at painting these 3.5 inch figures, but I found it to be super relaxing and fun.

After finishing up all the Christmas gifts, I decided I wanted to keep painting and opened up my own little Instagram and Etsy store, Hello PegLegs. I haven't had an Etsy sale yet, but I have sold plenty on Instagram and I am absolutely loving it.

Man Cub's homemade Christmas gift ended up being a Buzz and Woody peg set and I have since made him Baymax and Hiro, which he absolutely adores as well. I've done superheroes, princesses, ninjas, zombies, Harry Potter, pirates and even a few custom pieces like some little girls (including Sunshine!) in baptism dresses. There is seriously so much I can do with these simple little pieces of wood, a few hours and a handful of paint colours.

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  1. So adorable! You really have an amazing and fun talent here.


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