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Apr 22, 2015

December started out with a very special event- the sealing of our next door neighbours and great friends, Bill and Diane.

 Bill & Diane were baptized members of our church in November of 2013. From the moment they were baptized, they could not wait to go to the temple to be sealed together for time and all eternity. They were especially excited when we found out that the Phoenix temple was going to be completed right around the time they were ready to be sealed.

By the time the temple was dedicated, Diane had made all the necessary arrangements for them to go through the temple and be sealed the first weekend of December. Since their civil marriage had been performed at the courthouse with a set of friends as witnesses and no hoopla afterwards, I decided I wanted to make their sealing extra special. Of course, being sealed is special enough, but with the help of a friend from the ward, we also threw them a little party after the sealing. We kept it simple. Outdoor dining, a baked potato bar, salad, yummy drinks and a Costco cake. Simple but absolutely perfect. They loved every moment of it and I have never seen the two of them so incredibly happy.

It was a wonderful weekend and I still feel so blessed to have been a part of it- as Diane's right hand woman as she went through the temple, their photographer after, and the party coordinator. It was a big weekend and by the end of it I was sick as could be from overdoing it, but I wouldn't change a thing about it. I was most definitely blessed with strength beyond my own throughout all the excitement, then once it was over, I crashed.

Diane and her missionaries... it was so exciting that both sisters who helped Bill and Diane through their baptism were also able to be at their sealing!

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