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Apr 19, 2015

I am so ready to get this blog caught up! Crossing my fingers and saying a little prayer that it can actually be done. The past 6ish months have been so crazy busy and fun, I don't want to miss out on documenting what we've been up to, but I'm also ready to be back to blogging in the present Ü So prepare for a posting dump!

First up- odds and ends from August. All those little photos that don't really fit into their own post but that I want to remember anyway. Most (or maybe even all!) are from my phone because sometimes that is just the easiest way to capture the little moments.

Sunshine started the month off with a bang... I can't remember if I've mentioned her dental issues on here yet- Basically, Sunshine is missing four adult teeth on the bottom, with two of them being the very front two. We've been seeing an orthodontist for a year already, trying to be proactive and make sure we have a game plan in place. His suggestion was to have our regular dentist pull the teeth on either side of where the two grown up teeth are missing in hopes of encouraging the grown up teeth she does have to grow in where they should. It was a gamble... but at our last appointment the ortho said that it is working exactly as it should. Her grown up teeth have come in on either side of those two baby teeth, so as long as Sunshine is careful, we should be able to keep those baby teeth in place for awhile. As always, Sunshine was a champ at the dentist and the teeth were pulled without a problem. 

We enjoyed some beautiful sunsets in August, with this being my most favourite. The sky looked like someone had poured liquid gold over part of it. I was driving home from a meeting as the sun was setting and ran out back as soon as I got home so I could climb up the playground and take this panoramic shot. It was breathtaking. 

I started teaching preschool and Beebs made a new friend. This is Christian- he's a member of our class this year and he and Beebs have become best of friends. On top of being in preschool together and being in the same class at church, they also have regular playdates, staying at our house after preschool one week and then going to Christian's house after school the next week. They are so cute together! 

I continued to train through the hottest part of the summer for the Lake Powell half. I look back and still can hardly believe the discipline I developed last year as I trained for my two half marathons. I was running 3 days a week, often waking up at 4 or 5 in the morning in order to run before the intense heat hit. I haven't been able to run while pregnant and I actually have found myself missing it in a big way. I loved that quiet time to myself and getting to listen to so many conference talks. I am anxious to get back into running again once the baby is born and the temperatures cool down.

My awesome first counselor in Primary got married in September and in August we celebrated her with a big bridal shower. The other members of my presidency chipped in with me to do a group gift and this is what I came up with. I still can't believe how beautifully it came together.

Man Cub decided he's a big boy who no longer needs to sit in a high chair. In August, he ditched his "baby" chair and started sitting at the breakfast bar like he's all grown up or something. 

I love this photo of Man Cub... We never let him have toys at the table but for some reason this day he got to have a few cars while he ate. He did some serious multi-tasking. In between every few minutes of playtime he'd take a small bit of his "dee-ah". It took him awhile to finish eating, but he was one happy boy. 

We had a yard sale with a few friends at the end of August and look who stopped by!! Of course I had to snap a picture. How often does Santa stop by your yard sale!? Beebs was too starstruck to get in the photo, but she still talks about the time Santa came to our yard sale. 

We ended the month by swimming with Sunshine's two best friends. I am always amazed by how willing these girls are to include Beebs in their play. They are so kind to her and I really, really appreciate that. We snagged Bruce's GoPro to get a bestie swimming picture and I think it turned out so cute. I love these girls so much! 

And with that, August was over. On to September!

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