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Apr 20, 2015

October is always a busy month for our family, and October of 2014 was no exception. I've already blogged about the Phoenix Temple being completed, as well as running my second half marathon. Halloween will get a post of it's own, right after this one, filled with some of the October little things that contributed to our busy month. 

We started the month out by clearing our garden area so it would be ready for spring planting. We put the chickie-dees to work helping us and they did a great job. I always love watching the hens run around the yard. Probably boring to most, but so fun for me!

My last long run before the Lake Powell Half was to the Phoenix Temple with my running buddy (and at the time, second counselor in Primary) Nicole. Running to the temple (any temple!) is my favourite kind of run. I always love visiting my parents and being able to run by both Provo temples in an 8 mile round trip. It is totally motivating to see Angel Moroni, pointing to the heavens, and have the entire temple come into view the closer I get. 

We discovered a fun park just a mile from our house. The kiddos call it the "Disneyland Park" and have named each of the various slides after Disney rides. I think this double slide is Splash Mountain, and I know the tunnel where Beebs posed is Nemo's Submarine Ride. Ü

For C week in preschool, we did a sensory art project- cactus and clouds on a sandpaper background. Beebs was so proud of her finished product. I love her bright coloured raindrops falling from her cotton ball clouds. I have so loved being her preschool teacher for the past two years. I'll miss her so much when she goes to Kindergarten next year. 

While visiting Sunshine at school one day, we stopped by the art room so she could show me her pumpkin project. Sunshine is such an artistic girl. Forget about playing with toys, if this girl has any down time, she spends it drawing and creating. 

One of our favourite parts of preschool each week is Yoga day. I have the best kids Yoga DVDs and they have been a hit with my preschool kiddos and my girls. I love this picture of Beebs, concentrating so hard on her pose.

One of my brothers spent the bulk of  September in England and in October we got a box of souvenirs from his visit. Winnie the Witch books, a Paddington with wellies (!!!), Paxo stuffing and a Padding board book. I cannot even tell you how happy my heart was as I opened that box. A little bit of home. It wasn't until Bruce and I went to England after we got married that I realized just how heavily my growing up years were influenced by the British culture. I love that my wee ones are getting a little bit of that as well.

A little sky show from swim one evening... in the course of Sunshine's hour of swimming, the sky caught on fire. It was incredible to watch.

The morning after my half marathon, the girls surprised me by making me breakfast. Ü I love those two so so much!! (This was also the morning I found out that baby #4 would be joining our family! It was quite the fun filled weekend.)

Arizona missed the memo that the end of October is suppose to be Autumn. It was still nice and toasty here, so the wee ones enjoyed one more swim just days before Halloween. 

Another trip to the "Disneyland Park". This is Beebs at the bottom of "Pirates", showing off her mismatched shoes. This trip to the park also included Man Cub's little buddy Isaac. Beebs was clowning around, trying to make them laugh and she was quite successful! Love those two year old belly laughs.

The end of October brought my last Primary Program as president... of course, I didn't know at the time that I would be released before I could participate in another. Our music leader loves to make a deal with the Primary children... for every song they sang nice and loud, they earned a giant marshmallow that I would then shove in my mouth before singing a primary song for them all. I was 6 weeks pregnant at this point and the morning sickness had set in. My second counselor knew about the baby and decided to pick up some of the slack for me and got the rest of my presidency to help out. I managed to only have to put one marshmallow in my mouth. Thank. Goodness. I cannot stand marshmallows on a good day, never mind a day when I'm already struggling to keep it together! I love these ladies so much and I cannot even put into words how much I miss being with them each Sunday. Being released stinks!

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