Halloween 2014

Apr 20, 2015

We love Halloween and it is not uncommon for us to have family themed costumes planned out months in advance. Last year... not so much. For one thing, life was super crazy and busy. Plus, Man Cub is pretty anti dressing up so we knew getting him into a costume would be hard. And on top of all of that, we decided not to attend the Disneyland Halloween party while we were in California, so family costumes seemed unnecessary. Instead, the girls each picked something from our dress up collection and Man Cub wore his skeleton pjs. Bruce and I didn't dress up, other than me putting on a few pirate accessories for our preschool Halloween party. Overall, it was a pretty low key Halloween.

Sunshine decided she wanted to be Jasmine and Beebs decided on Rapunzel. Great choices... except my girls are both hair challenged and those princesses hair is such a huge part of their look. I decided since we already had costumes, I could try and figure out something along the lines of wigs. I looked at a few different yarn wig tutorials on Pinterest and went to work. Notice that beautiful new counter top being put to use Ü

I am beyond happy with the finished product. The idea had always been to add flowers through the Rapunzel braid before Beebs went out in her costume, but she ended up wanting to wear it without flowers... so ignore the few I stuck in the braid just to try it out. 

Sunshine's wig had the extra challenge of needing curls in the front and a fancy headband. I wrapped yarn around foam curlers and sewed them to the wig for the curls and we were able to modify a broach thingy we found at home with glitter to make the jewel for the headband. Sunshine tried her costume on over her swimsuit, but for her various Halloween happenings, she wore a white or skin coloured top under the costume.

Sunshine was super excited to win the best  costume award at our ward Trunk or Treat. Beebs had ditched her costume early in the night so she could pig out on cotton candy... otherwise I like to think she would've given Sunshine some competition!

Bruce did not dress up... but one of his young men came dressed up as him! We all got a laugh out of that.

 I had to share this photo of my cute preschoolers all dressed up for our Halloween party. I have the best class this year! I love them all so much and I am going to miss teaching next year!

I volunteered to help run some games at Sunshine's swim club Halloween party. We opted for a bean bag toss and some donut eating. Easy and fun. And I was cracking up watching Sunshine and Audrina trying to eat their donuts. Eventually they gave up and just used their hands.

And a couple of photos from actual Halloween night...  I sure do love my little Princesses! (Imagine Man Cub in the same skeleton pjs from earlier posts. He was too busy chowing down on pizza to join in for a photo)

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