Aug 2, 2014

Today is a day for the record books. At 7 years 5 months old, Sunshine FINALLY lost her first tooth. She has been waiting for this day for over a year. She realized at the end of Kindergarten that most of her friends were losing teeth and she was not. She asked the dentist at each visit, when it was going to be her turn, and the dentist very accurately guessed that Sunshine would not lose a tooth until she was starting second grade.

We have since realized part of the reason that Sunshine is so late in losing her baby teeth- she is missing at least 3, if not 4, of her bottom permanent teeth. Without grown up teeth to help dissolve the roots of those baby teeth and push them out of the way, there is nothing to encourage them to leave Ü Luckily, her top permanent teeth all appear to be in place and they are starting to work their magic. And Bruce and I have earmarked our life savings for orthodontic work.

Two weeks ago we realized that Sunshine's top two front teeth were starting to wiggle and she has been working hard to free them. She asks me multiple times a day to "check my toofers" and one of them has progressively gotten looser and looser. This afternoon, we met up with Bruce's dad to drop Sunshine off for a sleepover and her loose tooth was barely hanging in there. Bruce was sure that his dad would pull it out and he was really sad about missing out on that parenting rite of passage. So while we stood in the Costco parking lot, Bruce grabbed a Kleenex from the car and took hold of Sunshine's tooth. One tug and nothing happened. He asked Sunshine to let him try one more time and she didn't even wince as he gave the final pull and the tooth was out. She was grinning from ear to ear, so excited to finally have lost a tooth.

Unfortunately, she is sleeping over at Grandpa's tonight, so the Tooth Fairy won't be visiting until Sunday, but boy is she excited! I, on the other hand, am a little sad. This is just one more reminder that my baby is growing up. But she sure is cute with that little tiny hole where a tooth use to be.

In other news from today- we had a glorious few moments of 77 degree weather when a monsoon blew in. The sky was dark and cloudy, there were a few drops of rain and a cool  breeze. It was heaven on earth I tell you! A welcome and wonderful break from triple digit, hellish temps. Beebs and Man Cub took the opportunity to dance in the rain and enjoy the lovely weather. We wish it would happen more often.

Last smile with all her baby teeth

The final tug

A tiny tooth and a very excited little girl

She's toothless!

And here's Beebs... dancing her heart out in the BEAUTIFUL weather we enjoyed this afternoon


  1. This milestone was a big deal at our house too! Skyler was also one of the last ones to lose a tooth. Just made it that much more exciting! Sorry about school starting. I am dreading that one as well. I'm not ready!

  2. How exciting to finally lose her first tooth!

  3. Oh goodness gracious. My kids won't even let me touch their loose teeth! Congrats on that!


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