Playing With The GoPro

Aug 8, 2014

Bruce can be a very difficult person to buy gifts for. It is rare for him to want anything and he'd much rather save money than spend it. He is very practical and frugal, so when I had the idea of getting him a GoPro for his birthday, I almost talked myself out of it about a dozen different times. We are going to Hawaii in March, and have toyed with the idea of getting an underwater camera. I have heard people rave about the GoPro and started to look into it. It sounded like it could be fun, but I wondered if we would find much to do with it. We have a lot of expensive camera equipment in our house already, and I felt like the GoPro might only serve one purpose- underwater pictures/video while in Hawaii. Was it really worth the price for that alone?

Even after I ordered it, I wondered if I had made the right choice for Bruce's birthday gift. Even as I sat at the table Tuesday morning, watching him open it, I wondered if I had made the right choice.

I can tell you right now- I made the right choice. This thing is AMAZING!

Bruce was really excited about it from the moment he opened it. He has spent a good chunk of time learning how to work it and brainstorming all the different things he could use it for (Disneyland, swimming, any time we go to the beach, Hawaii, chasing the kids around in the backyard... his list is getting longer by the day which makes me so very excited!)

We've played around with the camera a bit, but tonight was our first time testing out just what this camera is capable of. We're still brand new to using it, and I didn't bother to edit or tweak any of these photos, but I think it's easy to tell just how much fun having a GoPro is turning out to be!

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