My Preschool Princess

Aug 14, 2014

This past Tuesday, Beebs and I started school. Despite Beebs constantly insisting that she is going to stay with me forever and not even go to Kindergarten, I know that this is my last year teaching her (formally anyway Ü) and it makes me sad. Luckily, we are gearing up for one great year of preschool. We had an adorable class and with a year of preschool under my belt, I am much better organized and prepared for what is to come. And I am excited!

As is tradition, I snapped a couple of "first day of school" photos... Beebs picked her own outfit. She was so proud of herself for finding a shirt and pants that matched, because they were the same colour and both had polka dots. Boy, do I love that girl!

Even though Man Cub is not technically a part of preschool (he goes down for his nap about half an hour into our school day), he watched me taking pictures of all the other kiddos with the "first day of school" sign and he wanted a picture too... I cannot believe how grown up he is looking all of a sudden. Why do my babies think they are allowed to get bigger!?

And a little added bonus- a few shots I took of Miss Beebs for a friend of mine who makes custom children's clothing. She sent Beebs a sparkly personalized shirt that is super cute. And of course, the model is beyond adorable. Ü

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