Hello, Second Grade!

Aug 6, 2014

Today was Sunshine's first day of second grade. I know, I say it all the time, but I cannot believe how fast she is growing up. I have very clear memories of my second grade year. It is crazy to think that the things she is experiencing now are things she will remember for a long long time.

A few things she might remember from her first day of second grade...

* Sunshine is not in the same class as her two best friends. Sunshine has been friends with Abby and Audrina since Kindergarten, and they have been in the same class every year since Kindergarten. This year, Abby and Audrina are in the same class but Sunshine is not with them. It is very unfortunate, especially once I found out why she was not put in the same class with them, but Bruce and I decided to let it be a life lesson. We could have easily gone in and had her changed to the other class, but we don't want her to think that we can always magically fix anything in life that doesn't go her way. I don't want her to feel entitled to have things always go her way, so even though I don't agree at all with the circumstances that led to her being separated from her two best friends, we are keeping her where she is and allowing it to be a growing and learning opportunity. (And don't worry! Sunshine didn't do anything wrong- in fact, the situation could be taken as a compliment, but right now, it just feels sad)

* Sunshine was so, so nervous about her first day of school this year. I've never seen her so nervous. She was extremely anxious over starting a new grade without Abby and Audrina by her side, but we spent a lot of time talking about how this was a good chance to make new friends and Bruce gave her a beautiful father's blessing during Family Home Evening on Monday. This helped, but Sunshine still struggled to sleep last night. When she woke up this morning she told me she had a terrible night sleep, that she kept waking up and wiggling all night long. I made one of her favourite breakfasts (egg in the hole) and she ate 2 bites before telling me her tummy was full of butterflies and she just couldn't eat. She was a wreck!

* I walked Sunshine to her classroom. Audrina's mom and dad came in to say hi and check on her. Abby's mom came in to give her a hug. Audrina has been praying that Sunshine would do ok being in the other class. We've been praying. Everyone checked in after school to see how her day went... and we are happy to report, it was a great day. Sunshine loved her class. Her teacher had some really fun activities planned, she got to sit at the same lunch table as Abby and Audrina and play with them at recess. Despite her nerves and the fact that she is not with her friends, Sunshine had a great day and she is now very excited about second grade.

* Sunshine's favourite part of school today was drinking "jitter juice". It was sprite and ice cream mixed, and her teacher (Ms. P) told the students that the bubbles from the drink would chase away their butterflies. Sunshine was happy to let us know that jitter juice is yummy and that it totally did the trick and her butterflies went away.

Now, for picture overload... including one awesome pictures showing just how much Sunshine has grown and changed over the past three years of "first day of school"s.


  1. Same thing happened with our daughter this year. She was put in a different class than all of her friends. She is so bummed, but we told her the same thing, that she gets to make new ones!

  2. Isn't it crazy how much they grow in just 3 years?!


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