A Very Merry 31st Birthday to Bruce!

Aug 8, 2014

On Tuesday, this guy celebrated his 31st birthday.

(This photos is from back in April, when we went to the Chihuly in the Desert exhibit, but he hasn't changed much since then Ü)
It was a good day. Donuts and juice for breakfast, a life size Olaf balloon from the wee ones, birthday presents centered around our upcoming trip to Hawaii (new swim trunks and a GoPro), basketball with a friend, dinner at our favourite Arizona burger place for dinner. Oh- and we canned like 10 pounds of peaches. That wasn't originally on the birthday agenda but the peaches were starting to go bad and it had to be done. I am grateful for a husband who didn't even bat an eyelid when we needed to spend part his 31st birthday canning!

I am so glad that 31 years ago, this guy came into the world. I am grateful for loving birth parents who knew they couldn't give him the life he deserved and took the steps necessary to make sure he became part of the right family. I am grateful for the series of events that led to him being adopted by two of the most kind and loving people I know, the people who were most certainly intended to be his parents... he just made it into their arms in a little bit different way than most. I am grateful for the sealing power which made him a part of that family forever, and that binds the two of us together forever also. Bruce is an amazing husband and father and I love that on August 5th of each year, we get to celebrate him.

Happy Birthday Bruce! May your 32nd year of life be the  best one yet!

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