2014 Utah Road Trip In Numbers

Aug 15, 2014

Last year, the wee ones and I went on an epic Utah road trip. I posted some road trip stats once we got home and it was fun to see a little break down of our trip in numbers. Last year's stats can be found here.
This year's stats look a little different...
Days away from home: 23
Miles driven: 2909
Hours in the car: 65 hours 7 minutes
Photos taken: 643 (plus whatever I snapped on my phone)
Temples touched: 5
Donuts devoured: Too many to admit to
Hours of HGTV watched: So many that I lost count 
Miles run: 51.27
Half marathons completed: 1!!!!!!
Our trip was such a blast and I am so grateful that my family was willing to put up with my rowdy bunch for such an extended stay. I have a lot to write about our 3+ weeks in Utah, so look forward to that series of posts soon. Then I just need to get a hold of our Trek pictures so I can finish up that post, and I will be officially caught up! Assuming nothing else exciting happens anytime soon...


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