Valentine's Day

May 13, 2015

Valentine's Day this year was a good one. As Bruce was working day shift at the time, we were able to get a sitter and go out for dinner the night before Valentine's. I honestly cannot think of any other year that we've gone out and celebrated Valentine's Day. Cheesy holiday or not, I loved that we were able to go get dinner and spend a few hours together, just the two of us. We sort of exchanged gifts... Bruce had the opportunity to order a commemorative Super Bowl badge from work which I encouraged him to do as it is what I wanted to give him for Valentine's Day but had no idea how to go about ordering myself. And I got myself a new pair of Rainbow sandals for our trip to Hawaii, from Bruce. Ü

Saturday morning (Valentine's Day itself), we woke up to a breakfast prepared by Sunshine, complete with a handmade Valentine at each of our places. That girl... she's so thoughtful. I just love her to pieces! The meal was a good one- toast with butter, blackberries, cashews and applesauce. All the breakfast-type things she could make or gather by herself.

Bruce and I have a tradition I just love... every Valentine's day, we each come up with a list of seven things we adore about each child. I then write those things on little stickers which are the perfect size to go on the bottom of Hershey's hugs or kisses and Reese's miniature peanut butter cups. The kiddos absolutely love their little candy messages and they are careful to eat them slowly, so the little notes last. (I also email the list that both Bruce and I come up with to each of their personal email addresses, that way, when they are grown up and have access to their accounts, they will have many years worth of little love notes in their inbox)

This year, the girls also each got a little Valentine's Day hair clip and each of the kiddos got their own set of PegLegs. Man Cub got a set for Christmas, but the girls had watched me paint set after set for other people and never had a set of their own. I was excited to change that and I had so much fun painting a special set for each of my wee ones.

That evening, we went to a nearby waterfall to snap a few photos for the kiddos Valentine's Day card. I've already shared that photo, but there were a few more cute ones I wanted to include. They were all so cooperative, though Man Cub did start giving his cheesy grin towards the end Ü

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