February Odds & Ends

Jun 3, 2015

February started with the Super Bowl and ended with my 30th birthday, with Valentine's Day and "meeting" our baby smack dab in the middle. But among all these large events, lots of little stuff happened too.

One day the girls got a hold of my race "bling" and wanted to try it on. Man Cub decided to get in on the photo action too. 

One of Sunshine's closest friends since birth was baptized. That ended up being a crazy busy day with a family get together in the far, far, FAR east valley in the afternoon and me having a photo shoot in the evening. I'm glad we were able to make it to everything that day and not miss out on Miss A's baptism. 

The purpose of the family get together in the east valley was so that Bruce's grandma could get an updated photo of her with all of her great-grandchild. Only two are missing from this photo- Dylan, who passed away a few years ago, and our new little one who obviously hasn't arrived yet. Gigi is so very excited about this photo, despite the fact that Man Cub absolutely refused to cooperate. He would look anywhere but at the camera and if he was facing the camera, his eyes were closed. Such a STINKER!

The February weather was incredible, as it usually is in Arizona. We enjoyed beautiful skies, fantastic temperatures, and spring, in every sense of the word. Plants were blooming, we cleared out the garden and prepared it for spring planting and the chickens were laying eggs in such large quantities we couldn't keep up with eating them. 

We ate dinner at Cracker Barrel and the kiddos all enjoyed a game of checkers outside before we went in to eat.

The girls got a present from their uncle... the "Elsa's Sparkling Ice Castle" Lego set. They had so much fun setting it up and it has been a favourite to play with since.

Bruce and I were watch TV one night and heard a loud thud. We ran into our room, where Beebs had been asleep on our bed and found that she had fallen off. And when she fell, she bit a hole in her lip. It wasn't bad enough to need stitches, but it was definitely a doozy! The next morning, she asked me to take a picture of it so she could see how bad it was. I agreed and the poor sweet girl tried her hardest to smile for the photo. Even though it's the saddest photo, I love her attempt at a smile for the camera, still half asleep and with a swollen lip.

Sunshine had a President's Day performance at school. She practiced so hard for it and was so very very excited for us to all attend. She was particularly proud of her Uncle Sam hat and beard and on occasion, I'll still hear her humming the songs from the program.

Towards the end of the month, Beebs had Kindergarten Round Up for school. I love the Kindergarten teacher at her school and volunteered to head up the decorating for the event. I wish I could take credit for the cute sign post but another volunteer did that part. I took on the inside of the classroom and it turned out super cute. I just forgot to take a picture! Beebs is getting so excited for Kindergarten, though on occasion, she'll tell me she'd really rather stay at home and have me teach her. Preschool has been fun and I have loved being her teacher, but I'm excited to see how much Beebs grows and learns as she ventures out and goes to Kindergarten.

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