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May 13, 2015

Since most of January revolved around Beebs turning 5, her birthday trip to Utah and Bruce working non-stop, there isn't much more to say about January, but here are a few miscellaneous photos from the month that didn't fit into one of those three posts Ü

Our lemon tree started to produce this year! There are not words for my excitement. We drank plenty of fresh squeeze lemonade and I made as many lemony meals and treats as I could muster up the energy to make, including delicious lemon bars. I always forget how much I love lemon bars. They were such a yummy treat.

 Man Cub discovered Potato Heads... and Potato Head accessories...

... the fun of wearing a "pack pack"...

... his cheesy grin when in front of the camera...

 ... and a love of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. He is my first child to really, really love a good old fashion PB&J. The girls will eat one, but they don't request them. Man Cub requests one almost every day at lunch, and insists on opening it up to eat it.

 We did a little browsing at the hardware store... I can't remember why exactly but I'm guessing it was for one of the many home improvement projects that have occupied the past few months. Those posts are coming!

I finally felt good enough to take the kiddos to the library and get some books. It made my heart so happy when we arrived home and the girls immediately assumed this position. I love how much they both enjoy reading. 

Towards the end of the month, I finally started to have a good relationship with food and my first craving was pizza. We headed to a favourite pizza restaurant and they brought out some pizza dough for the kiddos to play with while we ate. Sunshine used her dough to fashion math problems for herself. She has such a love for learning and is always practicing math, reading and writing. Her new favourite thing to do- teach Beebs! They have a little "summer school" program all set and ready to go. Beebs can't wait for Sunshine to teach her once school is out for the summer. 

And last, but not least, I hit the 18 week mark towards the end of January. I happened to have a bump photo from 18 weeks with each pregnancy, so I snapped a new one and added it to my collage to compare. I think I am carrying most like I did with Man Cub, but we'll see if that means anything! 7 weeks till my due date, so 9 weeks till baby! I have a feeling it is going to go so, so fast! 

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