When Beebs Turned 5

May 7, 2015

Look at me! I'm blogging in the current year again! What a novel idea. And hopefully before long, I'll even be blogging in the current month. I'm getting there, I'm getting there!

As always, our new year started with a celebration... not of the new year, but of our Beebs! This year, Beebs turned 5 and it was a very exciting birthday. She decided many months before her big day that she wanted to forgo having a party this year and instead take a little trip with mom to go see Nana and Papa in Utah. That trip will have a post of it's own, as it was quite the excitement filled 4 days. For now, I'll focus on how we celebrated her actual birthday. 

We started our celebration the night before her birthday, with a mommy and Beebs date night. She'd been struggling all day due to the anticipation of her birthday so I decided she needed a little alone time. We went out for dinner, just the two of us, then walked around Target for a bit. We had a lot of fun together. She spent most of our meal talking about what songs and pictures needed to go on her annual birthday DVD slideshow (that I still need to finish!!!!) and at the end of dinner, she insisted that we each take a photo of the other, so they could be included on her video. Which makes this the last photo of Beebs as a four year old. Our date ended at a decent hour, but Beebs didn't fall asleep until gone 11 that night. She was just so excited about her birthday and cake and presents. I love how magical birthdays are at this age.

January 3rd fell on a Saturday this year... the first Saturday of 2015, of course, which meant that Beebs' birthday coincided with our annual Primary Meet the Teacher breakfast. Beebs was a good sport about it though. In fact, she was quite excited to spend her morning enjoying pancakes with all her church friends.

After the breakfast, we came home so Beebs could enjoy some time with her presents. She really, really, really wanted an American Girl doll closet with hangers, and that's just what she got! Bruce and I made it for her out of a Joanne's wooden crate, some wooden knobs, a dowel and along the side, where it is hard to see, is a key holder that you would typically mount on the wall. We mounted it on the closet and that is where she hangs various doll accessories. The closet was a huge hit and it ended up being super inexpensive and easy to make. (Do you love the Daddy photobomb? Beebs didn't when she realized what he had done!)

Beebs also got some new clothes for her birthday including this cute ensemble and a set of matching jammies for her and Kit.

For her birthday dinner, Beebs wanted In-N-Out Burger. Sunshine had the idea of inviting Beebs' best friend Christian to join us since Beebs wasn't having a birthday party this year. I agreed that it was a great idea and Christian's mom was more than willing to share her cute boy with us for the evening. Beebs was so surprised and excited when we got to his house to pick him up and she realized he was coming to dinner. Unfortunately, as soon as we arrived at In-N-Out, Sunshine got really sick and ended up throwing up before we could even get inside. Bruce's dad drove her up to our house and stayed with her, while the rest of us ate dinner. It worked out, but it was sad to not have our Sunshine with us to celebrate. Beebs and Christian had a great time together and after dinner, we came home for a few more pressies and some cake. Beebs requested a Nothing Bundt Cake and it was topped with the same #5 candle that Bruce had on his fifth birthday cake.

(P.S. Is Christian not the cutest little guy you've ever seen? Maybe second only to Man Cub? He and Beebs are crazy about each other and currently have plans to be married in the Hawaii temple, then live in Hawaii together, with Man Cub. Because Man Cub loves Hawaii!)

After we took Christian home, Beebs and Kit got into their matching jammies and headed off to bed, one year older and very excited for the next part of Beebs' birthday celebration which was to come the following weekend.

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