When Sunshine Turned Seven

Jul 25, 2014

When Sunshine turned seven, we celebrated with a Mary Poppins birthday tea, which I've already written about. But, I never jotted down the details of her actual birthday and how we celebrated as a family.

Sunshine's favourite birthday tradition is to have beignets for breakfast, which Bruce Wayne lovingly cooks for her almost every year. While he whipped those up (which is no small feat!), Sunshine opened her birthday presents. She loved the clothes for Josefina, her American Girl doll, including matching pajamas for the two of them. She got a few books and a puzzle, but her most favourite gift of all- a set of scriptures with her name on them.

It seems to be a common tradition in our faith, for children to get their own set of scriptures when they turn eight and get baptized. That is when I got my first set of scriptures, but Bruce and I decided it would really benefit Sunshine to have her own set to read as she prepared for baptism. Plus, Bruce has a different tradition he wants to do for eighth birthday gifts, so Sunshine got her scriptures at seven. She takes them to church with her almost every week, it is not unusual to find her sitting quietly, thumbing through them, and she loves to follow along in them during family scripture study. She thinks having her own set of scriptures is great.

After breakfast, Sunshine headed off to school and since I had my preschoolers here that day, Bruce met her for lunch with a Sonic kids meal. After school, she was excited to show us the contents of the birthday bag her teacher sent home which included a pass to get out of one night of homework and a Dr. Seuss birthday book that took us two nights to get through. {Have I ever mentioned my extreme dislike for Dr. Seuss books? I know... I'm probably the only person in the world who can't stand his writing. It gives me a headache to read!}

For Sunshine's birthday dinner, she requested "spicy chicken" (tortilla crusted tilapia) and rice pilaf, with angel food cake and strawberries for dessert. Then, after a long and exciting day, she headed to bed, one year older and oh so happy!

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