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Jul 25, 2014

In May, we decided to take advantage of our season passes and make a quick trip to Disneyland before the school year ended. We stupidly thought that since several big rides were closed, Disney wasn't expecting large crowds. Plus, it was like two weeks before school got out, so most parents wouldn't pull their kiddos from school for a vacation, right!?! Wrong! Apparently, a lot of other people had the same idea as us, and the park was super crowded, it was hot and half the rides were closed, making the wait for open rides that much longer. We still had a great time, it just wasn't our most favourite trip to Disneyland. But, as I have said in the past- a bad day at Disneyland is better than a good day anywhere else! (And our days at Disney weren't even bad)

We started our trip with lunch at Slater's 50/50 (the BEST hamburger place around) and a trip to the beach. Oh I love the beach. We had such a blast running in the waves and building sandcastles and burying each other. Disneyland is fun, but the beach is always my favourite part of any California vacation.

Our days at Disneyland were good. We met lots of characters, rode most of our favourite rides... the ones that were open anyway! Our wonderful friends from San Diego drove up to see us for a few hours. We miss them so much and it was great to spend a little time catching up while the wee ones enjoyed Disneyland. We watched the candy apple makers at work, then brought candy apples back as gifts for a friend who had a birthday and for Sunshine's teacher and her school secretary for Teacher Appreciation Week. We spent as much time as possible in Cars Land and made sure we were there for the lighting of Cars Land at dusk. It did not disappoint.

One of the highlights of the trip was that with the right pair of shoes, Beebs was tall enough for some of the big kid rides, including my favourite- Radiator Springs Racers. Unfortunately, Beebs is our more cautious child and she didn't really enjoy any of the big rides that she had been so anxious to get onto. She now claims to have enjoyed Soarin' Over California, but I'll be very surprised if we can get her to ride it again. Hopefully in time she will grow to love all the big rides that the rest of us so enjoy.

After three fun days at the park, we headed back to Arizona, ready to finish out the school year and begin the whirlwind of summer, and what a whirlwind it has been. But that is another post... or ten. Ü

Meeting Beebs' favourite guy. Man Cub still isn't too sure about the characters.

Sunshine watched a Disneyland documentary that talked about the golden spike, which is the center point at Disneyland. Now, every time we go, she  has to stop by the spike and tell us all about it Ü

Sunshine is officially old enough to ride in her own car on all the rides. For the most part she still rode with one of us, but on the few occasions she got to ride alone, it was very exciting!

Riding the Julie Andrews horse on the carousel.

I can't remember where we were or what was going on in this picture, but I love my little Man Cub's face!

And this is how Man Cub spent the entire trip. Bruce bought him two Cars at the beginning of the trip, and Man Cub spent every moment possible looking for a flat surface where Fillmore could drive.

With my favourite girls, waiting for our favourite parade

In line for Beebs' first ride on Radiator Springs Racer. I should have snapped a picture of her face after the ride. She wasn't a fan!

Beebs likes to pose... and Disneyland has lots of pretty places to do so!

Man Cub getting reacquainted with his friend Lily

Reunited with old friends. When we first met the Palmers, we had no children and they just had one. Look how much our brood has grown.

It is rare to see the Fairy Godmother out and about, so we had to get a picture with her

Daisy is another hard to find character. The girls were very excited to see her on Main Street

Such a sweet big sister! And I love that they wanted to wear matching clothes.

Man Cub and Aladdin had quite the conversation going on... talking about their shoes of all things! But it must have left quite the impression on Man Cub, because when we went to see the Aladdin show in California Adventure, he saw Aladdin come on stage and got really excited as he pointed to his own shoes and then to Aladdin's

Sunshine needed a picture on the oil cans in front of Flo's...

... so then Beebs needed one too Ü

I am pretty confident that Man Cub's favourite part of any Disneyland trip is ice cream from the Cozy Cones.

Family photo at my favourite spot in all of Disney... we waited just a little too long to snap the shot, so it was darker than I would have liked, but I still love, love, love this photo!

Radiator Springs after dark. Love those neon lights!
This little guy was pooped by the time we got in the car to make our way home. I love his sunkissed face and blonde hair.

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  1. As I scrolled through this post, I tried double talking on almost every picture, so I could "like" it. Ha. Such great shots, and definitely worth getting that camera around!


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