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Jul 24, 2014

My first session of Mini Monet classes ended in May with our final project (Jackson Pollock inspired splatter painting) and an end of the semester art show. It has been nice taking a break from Mini Monet over the summer, but I am so looking forward to starting it back up in the fall. Mini Monet was such a good time!

Jackson Pollock was a fun artist to study for our final day of art club. He is a well known American abstract expressionist who is well known for his "drip painting". For our drip painting, we set up shop outside with a wide range of paint colours and a variety of objects to carry the paint so we could drip it onto our canvases. String, straws, plastic forks, craft pom poms... I grabbed everything and anything I could think of for the girls to use and they had so much fun experimenting with all the different objects.

The finished products turned out pretty awesome! I probably should have stopped them a few minutes before I did... towards the end, most of the girls started swirling the paint around on their canvases which did take away from the drip painting look a little bit, but they were having so much fun I couldn't bear to stop them. And they all loved their finished paintings (despite the looks on their faces in this photo Ü A few of the girls were less than thrilled to have their picture taken! They wanted to be playing and eating their snack instead.)

A week later, after the drip paintings had plenty of time to dry, the girls and their families were invited back to my house for our art show. I set up different exhibits throughout the main living areas of the house and each exhibit had a print up of the artist we had studied along with the method we used to create our masterpieces. The girls had a blast showing their parents around the gallery. They were especially excited when Mrs. G, one of their teachers from school, showed up to take a look around. Mrs. G took time to walk through each exhibit, read the information aloud and ask the girls questions about their work. She even brought a bouquet of flowers for the girls to share. That was definitely a highlight of the show for all of the girls.

I am currently accepting students for the next session of Mini Monet. Class starts August 23rd and we will be studying different artists and creating different masterpieces. If you have any questions or would like to enroll for the Fall 2014 semester, email me at!

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