Man Cub's First Hair Cut

Jul 25, 2014

Man Cub has hair... beautiful, blonde, curly hair. This is unusual for my children. They tend to be rather bald until they are, oh, two or three! But not Man Cub. He has always had more hair than either of the girls, from the time he was born! And Bruce had been begging me to cut it since about the time he turned one. Bruce said it was getting too long and he wanted Man Cub to look like... well, a little man. I, on the other hand, was determined not to cut off his beautiful curls because I wanted him to still look like my baby.

The morning of our Easter portraits, I had hair appointments scheduled for the girls. I decided to just bite the bullet and asked our stylist if she would go ahead and trim up Man Cub's mane. Man Cub was not thrilled with the idea. I held him the whole time, and he cried, the whole time. But as soon as Carolyn was done trimming him up, he put on his smile and happily ran off to play.

Man Cub's hair has been trimmed once more since that time, and he is due for another trim here soon. Bruce loves Man Cub's "little missionary cut". I think he looks adorable, but much too old! Cutting off his curls just makes him seem so grown up. His big boy hair is just one of the many things that reminds me over and over again that he is not a baby anymore.

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