11 Months Old

Aug 27, 2013

11 months old. *tear* I am not ok with this! In just a few very short weeks, my little Man Cub will be a year old. Of course, we have fun plans for his first birthday, but that doesn't really make up for the fact that my little guy is growing up in a hurry. In the two days since he turned 11 months old, he has decided that this walking thing is pretty darn cool and he is quickly working his way up to being a full time walker. I had to buy him shoes today. They are cute shoes, but still! My baby needs shoes! I am so not ready for this.

Only one more photo before this first year project will be complete. I'm sad that it's almost over, but I love having these photos to look back on. It is fun to see how much he has changed, and remember when each milestone occurred.

This little guy brings us all so much joy. It is hard to remember our family without him. I feel so very blessed that he is mine!

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